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Micro Stitch / 1pack

Micro-Stitch. A must have for all Quilters and anyone with Sewing hobby !

For temporary attaching (pin tag)
To fix ribbon
To attach "sequins" etc·
  • Multipurpose stitching tool. No more pins, glue, and large tacks. Quick and easy to use for quilts, appliqués, decorations etc.
  • Its micro fasteners are better than thread, metal staples or pins, and hold fast and tight.
  • The small, extra-fine needle is gentle on fabric, and the micro-fasteners can be sewn over and removed easily.
  • Use the Micro Stitch to temporarily attach buttons or hold hems, to add decorations to soft sculptures, details to cards or bags, to baste quilts, tack seams prior to sewing, apply embellishments.
  • For quilters, it makes the basting process faster and easier, with tacks that are 35% smaller than other options.
  • Unit alat ini sudah berikut :
    Fastener pin 4.4mm, 120 pin x 5 ( putih )
    Fastener pin 4.4mm, 120 pin x 4 (hitam)
    Buku instruksi.

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