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Tsubushi pipe Crimping tube / 1.5 gram
  • String a crimp tube on the wire.
  • Pass through the clasp loop and then back through the tube in the opposite direction. This will temporarily secure the clasp to the wire.
  • Snug the tube so it is about 5mm from the clasp loop.
  • Nestle the tube into the round part of the pliers' back notch. Squeeze very firmly.
  • Turn the tube 90 degrees and place it in the pliers' front notch. Squeeze. The tube should mimic its original cylindrical shape, this time with a seam along the side. If the tube is misshapen, gently squeeze it into shape using the front notch.

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#FFD700 #1. 0.8mm 160pcs Gold Plating 380 5
#DCDCDC #1. 0.8mm 160pcs Silver Plating 380 8
#FFD700 #2. 1.3mm 46pcs Gold Plating 380 18
#DCDCDC #2.1.3mm 46pcs Silver Plating 380 25
#FFD700 #3. 1.5mm 51pcs Gold Plating 380 23
#DCDCDC #3. 1.5mm 51pcs Silver Plating 380 14
#FFD700 #4. 2.0mm 25pcs Gold Plating 380 25
#DCDCDC #4. 2.0mm 25pcs Silver Plating 380 32
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