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Wood burnisher for Edge Leather craft ( Nijigami tool ) /1pc

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id:496 (sku:TO-SAND-409A2)  
  Option (¥) Price Stock Qty
496-235Cylindrical   2.35mm Cylindrical type 1,296 1
496-235Double   2.35mm Double groove 1,596 0
496-235Shell   2.35mm Shell type 1,296 1
496-235Single   2.35mm Single groove 1,296 1
496-3Cylindrical   3.00mm Cylindrical type 1,296 1
496-3Double   3.00mm Double groove 1,596 0
496-3Shell   3.00mm Shell type 1,296 1
496-3Single   3.00mm Single groove 1,296 1
496-T235   2.35mm Triple groove Triple groove
( groove 2mm 3mm 4mm )
2,096 1
496-T3   3.00mm Triple groove
( groove 2mm 3mm 4mm )
2,096 1
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