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Hot setting Compound (Jett set) /1pack

This is a reusable ceramic/thermoplastic compound heated in hot water and formed into almost any shape you need.
And when you've finished using it on a project, just re-heat it and use it again. Many uses :
  • Create custom, ergonomic handles for your tools to make original and comfortable
  • Make custom head for hammer
  • Use it to hold your work while engraving or stonesetting.
  • Use Jett Sett™ to protect your parts while sandblasting.
  • Make custom dies for forming soft metals.
  • You'll discover many uses for Jett Sett®.
Heat water to 62-76 Celcius, pour desired amount of this compound. Once the material has softened, remove from water, squeeze with your hands to remove excess water, form the material as desired.
as it cools it will become hard
Store material that has been heated but not used in thin, flat pieces for fast and easy re-heating for later use.

  • 1 Pack : 100 gram
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