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Mold material Blue Mix / 1set

This is a 2 part Silicone moulding compound for making molds in Japan.
Use this very high quality moulding compound to make a mould from your favourite button, piece of jewellery, seed pod, shell or other interesting texture. Then press your metal clay into the mould to create a fine silver replica. This 2 part product is very easy to work with, it mixes easily, and is nice and flexible after curing so it is easy to get your dry clay out of the mould. Picks up fine details so excellent for fingerprints.

How to use :

  • Wear a pair of plastic hand gloves
  • Take out silicone rubber Blue and White (1:1) same amount
  • Mix blue and white silicone rubbers (once the 2 are mixed is starts to harden so please move quickly (about 5 minutes)
  • Use whatever you have to roll it flat. The thickness depends on what you want to make a mold of.
  • Push the item that you want to make a mold of into the rubber.
  • keep the item in the rubber for 30 min. Then, remove.
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      Option (¥) Price Stock Qty
    .   Blue Mix2- Fast type (putty) 200 gram
    A+B=100+100 grams
    3,040 10
    694-soft100   - SOFT type (liquid) 100 gram
    A+B = 50 +50 grams
    2,770 1
    -   Blue Mix2 - Bulk ( wholesale ) Fast type 2 kg set
    ( 1kg A and 1kg B )=2.24kg
    18,340 0
    694-Quick   - Quick type (putty) 50 gram
    A+B=25+25 grams
    1,200 0
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