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Clay Extruder : Ultimate clay extruder / 1 set

The clay gun extruder has many uses. With the 20 disc designs you can create many different embellishments for your projects. The round discs are for vines, stems, borders, and letters. The screen discs are for hair, grass, straw and floral stamens.The flat slot discs are for weaving baskets, lattice, ribbons and bows. The square, triangle, half round discs are for bricks, logs, borders, and can be cut and used for small beads.
  • Brand: Makin's

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    77-ex   Clay extruder 5,400 0 X
    77-d1   Disc #35155 (Set A) 1,720 0 X
    77-d2   Disc #35156 (Set B) 1,720 0 X
    .   x. -not available any more- Extruder Adapters .Small (1mm 2mm 3mm)

    1,930 0 X
    77-ada_L   Extruder Adapters Large (3.5mm 4mm 4.5mm) 1,930 0 X
    77-35100   Disc #35100 1,720 1
    .   x. -not available any more- Disc #35164

    1,720 0 X
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