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FN-P-01TM02A3 (id:16648)
Tamiya Clay Chroma / 1pc
Size: 11ml
Stock :17
FN-P-01TM02B1 (id:15517)
Tamiya Dessert topping master /1pc
These water-based paints feature a paste-like texture with fine white-colored particles which realistically recreate the appearance of sugar frostings on miniature sweets replicas. These paints are nearly odorless, making them easy and plesant to use. Each bottle contains 10ml.
Size: 10ml
Stock :1
FN-P-01TM02B3 (id:16650)
Tamiya Dessert Topping Master ( Sauce & Icing ) / 1pc
size: 20ml
Stock :40
FN-P-01TM02M1 (id:13095)
Tamiya Baking Master / 1 set
Like real! ! Delicious! ! This special "baking master color" can make your clay creation looks more realistic to perfection.
Just rub a model tool that comes with color, you can apply easily
Set contains : Light brown, brown, dark brown.
For application we recommend to use id:13096
Stock :1
FN-P-01TM02M2 (id:13098)
Tamiya Weathering Master Set / 1 set
Stock :62
FN-P-01TM03T1 (id:12470)
Tamiya Diorama texture paint / 1pc
  • Paint type : Water based
    It does not have a strong smell and it is possible to clean with water before it sets.
  • Features a paste-like texture and is useful for reproducing textures for dioramas.
  • 1 bottle contains 100ml
    Contains enough paint to cover B4-sized area (1 coat). Drying time: 4-5 hours.
  • When applying, please use a spatula or an old paintbrush as the new brush bristles may be damaged when applying.
  • It is possible to mix with other Tamiya acrylic paints to achieve different colors.
Stock :10