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HB-MU-EB101B1 (id:18241)
Heavy rotation series : Powder Eyebrow & Nose Shadow/ 1pc
Easy to adjust the shading and coloring cleanly in one easy step easy even for beginners.

Powder for the nose shadow's eyebrows & nose streaked into 3D with!

Sweat, sebum and rubbing strong waterproof.

Contains beauty liquid ingredient panthenol eyebrows protection component.

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HB-MU-EB103A1 (id:18301)
KOJI Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara / 1pc
Koji Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara can easily make your eyebrows look richer and naturally beautiful. It enables even application and no cake is resulted. Highly resistant to sweat and grease. The product also provides nutrients to the eyebrow and gives it natural healthy shining color.
How to use it: Color the eyebrow at the reverse direction evenly, then smooth the eyebrow according to the natural direction where the eyebrow grows.
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HB-MU-EB103C1 (id:18303)
KOJI Dolly Wink Eyebrow Powder
Koji Dolly Wink Eyebrow Powder has distinctive, bright and natural color. There are two degree of Chocolate Brown colors, letting you create the most personal gradient and depth of color layering of the eyebrows. The product also contains a soft eyebrow brush, allowing you to create a lovely natural makeup.
How to use it: Use the eyebrow brush to take appropriate amount of eyebrow powder and mix your personal favourite color. Brush it onto the eyebrows gently and evenly.
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