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POSTNC02040OP (id:3920)
Nylon cord #2 (0.4mm) White / 1spool 20meter
Stock :3
POSTNC03030OM (id:1584)
Miyuki Beading Nylon Thread
The thread is made of 100% nylon filaments that have been wax coated so the
filaments stay together. As this thread has not been plied, it is more tangle
free than thread that have been twisted into 2 or 3 ply cord.
Miuyki Beading Thread is recommended any beading technique that requires
multiple passes through beads such as peyote, square stitch, bead weaving on
and off loom,and bead embroidery with beads size 11 or smaller as long as the
bead edges are smooth. It is also a good thread for wrapped leather bracelets
and for beaded kumihimo projects made with fine beads.

#20 thickness : 0.31 mm
#60 thickness : 0.15 mm

Length : 20 meter
Stock :64
POSTNC03030OP (id:1582)
Beads thread C-Lon thread size D (0.15mm) / 1spool
  • Purpose : Beading
  • Material Nylon (100 %) monocord
  • Size : #D (0.15mm) 70 meter
Stock :289
POSTNC03100OP (id:8526)
Beads thread Super-Lon thread size #18(0.5mm) / 1spool
  • Purpose : Beading
  • Material Nylon (100 %) monocord
  • Size : #18 (0.5mm) 70 meter
Stock :139
POSTNC03200OP (id:8576)
Superlon TEX400 Heavy Macrame Cord / 1spool
  • Purpose : Macrame, kumihimo etc
  • Material Nylon (100 %) multi-filament 3 ply twisted
  • Size : #10 (0.9mm) 31 meter
Stock :61
POSTNC04000OP (id:11492)
Cotton waxed cord / 5m
Stock :90
POSTNF04500MT (id:15051)
Fujix MELTER Heat adhesive thread(Fusible thread) No.2 / 1spool (100 meter - 7gram)
A thread that melts and bonds with heat. It is a "thread adhesive" that saves the trouble of sewing and helpsyou create a beautiful finish.
Instead of basting and marking pins, you can "temporarily glue" and sew together,
or use it for hem festivals, etc., and it will be well-formed and finished beautifully.

Temporary adhesion
Stock :0
POSTNF04500OO (id:4008)
Fujix thread
Stock :527
POSTNF04500OP (id:4009)
Fujix Bead Crochet thread / 1spool
This thread is the best for bead crochet due to special resin treatment that ensures the thread won't come undone.
  • Kind : No.8
  • Composition : 167dtex 2×3
  • Length : 20m
  • Needles : 1.0mm crochet hook
  • Uses: Bead Crochet
Stock :19
POSTNF04500SK (id:4006)
Fujix Thread 100% silk ( Tire brand ) / 3 spool
TIRE silk sewing thread
Enjoy natural sheen with Tire Silk #50 for quilting and sewing. Silk has a naturally bright and bold luster combined with an extremely smooth finish. Available in 171 solid colors, there are enough color choices to fulfill your silk palette needs. Tire Silk #50 is commonly used for topstitching applications where the thread is meant to blend more than be the focus.
  • Material: Silk 100%
  • Available in 171 beautiful solid colors.
  • Tire Silk #50 is very strong will blend in well with similarly-colored fabrics.
  • Size #50 , Size B (.21 mm in diameter).
  • NOTE price is for 3 spools (1 spool is 100 meter)

  • Tire Silk #16 is Button sewing thread with moderate strength and elongation.
  • Available in 121 beautiful solid colors.
  • Size #16
  • NOTE price is for 3 cards (1 card is 20 meter)

TIRE silk Button Hole thread
Silk has natural luster and smoothness and elasticity. The TIRE Brand Products are high class sewing thread, which offer easy-to-sew smoothness and beautiful appearance. It has appropriate strength and fit the fabric well and does not hurt the fabric. It has been used by many people for a long time.

100% Silk
Z twist

â– Uses:
Button holes, Button thread
Stock :634
POSTNK03100OP (id:8786)
Beads thread KO thread #B (0.2388mm) / 1spool 50meter
Great new Japanese beading thread (by Master Beader Sonoko Nozue) now available as an alternative to Nymo. K.O. thread is a pre-waxed, colorfast, abrasion/tangle resistant thread, which can be knotted tightly. Similar in size to a Nymo size B, K.O can be used with a size 10 or size 12 beading needle. Comes in spools of 50m
Size: B (330dtex)
Stock :140
POSTNY000000 (id:719)
Griffin High Performance cord White /1pc
Stock :240