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TO-FRDM-100A0 (id:3829)
Eurotool Flexible shaft system / 1set
This flexible shaft machine has a very powerful 1/4hp motor that is perfect for polishing, sanding, drilling, cleaning and more. Great for hobbyists and craftspeople. It has a carry case making it great for travel and shows. It features...
  • A powerful 1/4hp motor with flexible shaft
  • #30 style Jacob's chuck handpiece
  • A chuck key
  • Replacement pair of motor brushes
  • Electronic variable speed foot control
  • Maximum speed of 22,000rpm
  • Ball bearing design
  • Works other brand's "standard" handpieces
  • Hard plastic carry case
  • Made in China
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TO-FRDM-100H0 (id:2409)
Eurotool Quick Change Handpiece / 1pc
Lightweight ergonomic grip. Simply turn release lever 1/4 turn to quickly change tool. Quick-change handpiece requires no wrench. Accepts 3/32"(2.35mm) shank accessories. Fits our Flexible Shaft Machine or other standard flex shaft motors.
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TO-FRDM-110A1 (id:2407)
Flexible shaft system : Foredom Motor + flexible Shaft + foot Controller (M+S+C) / 1set
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TO-FRDM-110H0 (id:2408)
Foredom system: Handpiece only (H) / 1unit
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TO-FRDM-110S1 (id:2412)
Flexible shaft system : Spare parts
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TO-FRDM-210F0 (id:14675)
Flexible cord hanger & holder / 1unit
Size: 550mm×87mm×32mm
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TO-FRDM-210H0 (id:3828)
Flexible shaft hanger / 1unit
Telescoping hangers will extend 42 above your workbench. Height adjustments are made easily with the thumbscrew. Made with a solid mounting base or clamp and a 10 swing arm. Bench clamp model.
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