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KC-5DEC-05A5 (id:12927)
Russian Piping Tips / 1set
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KC-MOLD-021D1 (id:17181)
Easy Rice Burger maker D/ 1pc
Rice Burger Maker is a fun way to make, you guessed it, rice burgers!
Just put your rice in the mold, press it and put on the fry pan to bake it till a bit brown. put whatever you like for filling such as meat, egg, or saugsage. and Voalla.. you You'll love this East-meets-West cooking tool!
  • Size: 199 x 22 x 107mm
  • Rice Burger Finished Size : diameter (approx.)75mm
  • Polypropylene
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KC-MOLD-022A1 (id:13027)
Bento "okazu" cup / 1set (2 pc)
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KC-MOLD-031A1 (id:12926)
Nigite mite mite " Girl " / 1set
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KC-MOLD-031H1 (id:12929)
Hello Kitty Onigiri maker / 1set
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KC-MOLD-031L1 (id:17183)
Onigiry Maker with Nori (Dry Seaweed) Punch / 1 set
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KC-MOLD-031O1 (id:17207)
Onigiri Maker / 1pc
This is the perfect mould for making a tringular rice balls type (onigiri)!
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KC-MOLD-031O3 (id:17200)
Nigiri Sushi Maker (Mold) / 1pc
This mold is help you to make a nigiri sushi at home, just prepare the topping and seaweed and you ready to create your own sushi or 0-bento for kids!
Impress your friends with professional results in minutes.

Nigirizushi "hand-formed sushi" consists of an oblong mound of sushi rice that the chef presses into a small rectangular box between the palms of the hands, usually with a bit of wasabi, and a topping draped over it. Toppings are typically fish such as salmon, tuna or other seafood. Certain toppings are typically bound to the rice with a thin strip of nori, most commonly octopus (tako), freshwater eel (unagi), sea eel (anago), squid (ika), and sweet egg (tamago).

To use
Rinse with water before use.
Place your cooked, seasoned rice in the mold. Press down firmly, then tip out. Add topping after you've removed from mold.

Measures 16cm long, 6cm wide, 3.4cm high.
5 sections Where from Made in Japan.
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KC-MOLD-031O5 (id:17199)
Maki Sushi Maker / 1pc
With this maki sushi roll mold you can make your own maki sushi at home like restaurant style!
Very easy and kids will love it too!
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KC-MOLD-031S3 (id:13816)
Maki sushi maker / 1 set
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KC-MOLD-032B1 (id:13006)
Food cutter "Character series" / 1set
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KC-MOLD-032S1 (id:13007)
Food cutter " Vegetable cutter " / 1set
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KC-MOLD-033S1 (id:17184)
Cute Cutter / 1 pc
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KC-MOLD-035B1 (id:13004)
Bread Cutter / 1set
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KC-MOLD-035D1 (id:13017)
Sandwich Maker Shaper / 1pc
Do you remember when you were a little kid when you hated eating the edges of your bread? In Japan, it's very common to find these sandwiches without the ends already pre-made and ready to munch on right out of the bag. Now you can make your own sandwiches with this easy Push Style Sandwich maker by the folks at Sanrio. To use, simply make your sandwich (make sure to place your meat and veggies in the center), place the tool over the sandwich and then push.
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KC-MOLD-035S1 (id:17186)
Sushi Cake Shape mold / 1 pc
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KC-MOLD-036B1 (id:17187)
Bread Punch Disney characters/ 1 set
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KC-MOLD-038A1 (id:13010)
Sausage cutter / 1pc
Sausage cutter , to cut and shape your sausage.
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KC-MOLD-041A1 (id:13008)
Boiled Egg shape mold / 1pc
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