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PO-PLAS-FB001 (id:16696)
Ecozai : Reinforcement fiber /1 pack ( 50 gram )
Stock :12
PO-PLAS-FB002 (id:16716)
Ecozai : Triaxial Glass Fiber / 3.9 m2
Stock :24
PO-PLAS-FB003 (id:16717)
Ecozai : Basalt Fiber for composite laminating W:127cm
  • Strong Basalt is extremely durable, resistant to craking, resistant to rust, and light.
  • Safety Because of the inert nature of basalt, it is NOT a carcinogen. Also, Ecozai Basalt fiber which we sell, is between 9 and 16 micrometers in diameter, which is too large to be an inhalant risk. Basalt also causes significantly less skin irritation. ( No itchy ).
Harga adalah per meter lari , lebar 1.2 meter.
Stock :107