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TO-CUT-L064A1 (id:12696)
Olfa Cutter : #172B & #173B Rotary Cutter / 1pc
Cutter Diameter 18mm.
#173B is perforated ticket cutter type.
Stock :8
TO-CUT-L064B1 (id:13083)
Olfa Cutter : #233B Rotary Cutter (S) / 1 set
Cutter diameter 28mm
Stock :8
TO-CUT-L064B2 (id:13084)
Olfa Cutter : #234B Rotary Cutter (L) / 1 set
Cutter diameter 45mm
Stock :17
TO-CUT-L064B3 (id:13085)
Olfa Cutter : #136B Rotary Cutter (LL) / 1 set
Cutter diameter 60mm
Stock :7
TO-CUT-L064D1 (id:13087)
Olfa Quick Change Rotary Cutter (RTY-2/NS) / 1pc
The #1 complaint about rotary cutters is that the blades are difficult to change. This innovative rotary cutter can be changed with just a single click. Easily switches from right to left handed use. The anti-slip comfort rubber handle and ergonomic comfort grip reduces hand fatigue. Uses replacement blades RB45-1, RB45-5 and RB45-10.
Size : 45mm (Cutter diameter) / 100g
Stock :0
TO-CUT-L064M1 (id:13082)
Olfa cutter : #235B Perforation Cutter-28/ 1 pc
Cutter diameter 28mm
Size : 50g
Stock :0
TO-CUT-L065A1 (id:12701)
Olfa Cutter : #156B Safety rotary cutter / 1pc
  • A rolling razor blade that's perfect for all of your sewing and quilting needs. Sharp enough to cut through more than 6 layers of fabric, making quick work of your strip, block, and pattern cutting. Comfortable ergonomic handle reduces hand and wrist fatigue, and dual-action safety lock allows the blade to lock open for comfort and closed for safety. Blade is made of high quality tungsten carbide tool steel for unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention. For right- and left-handers.
  • Blade size 45mm
    Blade only included 1 type ( straight type ), other blade type sold separately.
Stock :2
TO-CUT-L065C1 (id:17325)
NT Cutter : Rolling Cutter RO-1P / 1pc
Gooseneck holder for three kinds of cutting operations. Safe blade sliding mechanism.
Include 3 types of blades (A circular blade, a skip blade, and a wave blade.)
Stock :0
TO-CUT-L065L2 (id:13036)
Carla craft paper cutter (replacement knife) / 1 pc
This is replacement blade for id: 13035
Stock :8
TO-CUT-L065L4 (id:13035)
Carl disc cutter replacement blade / 1 pack
Blade replacement for CARL Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer.
Only blade replacement.
  • DCC-28 Straight
  • DCC-29 Perforation
  • DCM-310
  • DCM-462
Diameter : 28mm
Stock :0
TO-CUT-L065M1 (id:13408)
Clover soft cushion Rotary cutter / 1pc
Soft cushion handle rotary cutter cuts fabric beautifully with just the right amount of blade exposed, whether held upright or at an angle.
For Right and Left handers.
Look for Refill ?
Stock :15
TO-CUT-L065M2 (id:17331)
Clover Rotary Cutter / 1pc
Soft cushion handle rotary cutter cuts fabric beautifully with just the right amount of blade exposed, whether held upright or at an angle.
For Right and Left handers.
Stock :2
TO-CUT-L065M3 (id:13409)
Clover Slash Cutter / 1pc
The perfect tool for creating curves and very narrow slash quilting. Make clean cuts between curved seams and narrow seams. Cutting between stitching lines becomes a breeze without any threat of cutting through the base fabric!
This cutter has two inter-changeable guides; one for straight lines and one for curved slash cutting. You can enjoy slash quilts of Faux Chenille with curved or straight lines. Just insert the guide between two stitching lines above the bottom fabric and push. There is no need to use any cutting mat. Two types of guides are included to fit the space between the seams for narrow or wide channels.
* Width of Guide used: 1/8' (4mm), 1/4' (6mm)
Look for Refill ?

Cutter Diameter : 28mm
This cutter usually used together with this template
Size: 100×230×29mm / 80g
Stock :8
TO-CUT-L065M4 (id:13475)
Clover Blade Refiil / 1 set
For blade/cutter, please check Clover soft cushion Rotary cutter and Clover Slash Cutter.
Stock :25
TO-CUT-L065M5 (id:17332)
Clover Rotary cutter. Blade Refill 60mm /1pc
1 piece. Easy-to-change replacement blade includes a blade holder.
Stock :4
TO-CUT-L065N1 (id:17333)
TrueCut My Comfort Cutter / 1pc
Whether you craft with paper or fabric the LED Rotary Cutter from Imaginisce is a must have for cutting crisp straight lines. This tool features a bright LED light that makes reading the measurements on your ruler a breeze. The LED light also works as a safety feature that automatically turns on when the blade is exposed, and the ergonomic handle makes it comfortable for both right and left handed users. Batteries included.
Stock :0
TO-CUT-L300A1 (id:10467)
Cutter blade refill ( Olfa , NT cutter & other brand ) / 1set
Stock :1031