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PC-CUTP-001A1 (id:12792)
Circle puncher / 1pc
Collection of circle puncher
Stock :19
PC-CUTP-001B1 (id:12795)
Marvy Uchida : Clever lever punch -scallop circle- / 1pc
Stock :4
PC-CUTP-002B1 (id:12793)
Tag puncher / 1pc
Collection of Tag punhcer
Tag size: 58x38mm
Stock :1
PC-CUTP-002C1 (id:11950)
Carla Craft middle size craft punch / 1pc
W45×L53×H45mm (body size)
W50×L58.5×H51.5mm (box size)
138g (body)/156g (including box)
Stock :11
PC-CUTP-002E1 (id:1829)
Carla Craft Alphabet Puncher / 1set
·W168 x L215 x H39mm (body size)
·W168 x L215 x H39mm (box size)
·890g(body)/895g (including box)
Stock :1
PC-CUTP-002EC1 (id:12805)
Epiphany Crafts : Shape Studio Tool /1pc
Create custom acrylic buttons or epoxy shapes using scrap paper. Just insert the paper into the Button Studio tool or Shape Studio Tool, remove the adhesive backing from a clear button or shape piece and place it in the tool - then press down! The end result is a unique embellishment perfect for gluing onto any paper crafting project.
For Clear Bubble cups clik here
Stock :16
PC-CUTP-002J1 (id:2824)
Carla Craft Mega Punch : Scallop / 1pc
W75×L83×H44mm (body size)
W103×L170×H42mm (including box)
Stock :1
PC-CUTP-008D2 (id:12031)
Paper craft : Mc Gill Lever Punch / 1pc
Assemble the pieces to create a custom shape to match your project. Each design comes with an idea book for inspiration. Sizes vary.
Stock :6
PC-CUTP-020W8 (id:12798)
Marvy Uchida : Clever Lever Silhouette & Embossing Punch / 1pc
The patented punching and embossing mechanism allows you to punch-out the shape and emboss it all in one simple step.
Size : 50mm
Stock :4