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PC-CUTP-001A1 (id:12792)
Circle puncher / 1pc
Collection of circle puncher
Stock :19
PC-CUTP-001B1 (id:12795)
Marvy Uchida : Clever lever punch -scallop circle- / 1pc
Stock :5
PC-CUTP-002B1 (id:12793)
Tag puncher / 1pc
Collection of Tag punhcer
Tag size: 58x38mm
Stock :1
PC-CUTP-002C1 (id:11950)
Carla Craft middle size craft punch / 1pc
W45×L53×H45mm (body size)
W50×L58.5×H51.5mm (box size)
138g (body)/156g (including box)
Stock :11
PC-CUTP-002E1 (id:1829)
Carla Craft Alphabet Puncher / 1set
·W168 x L215 x H39mm (body size)
·W168 x L215 x H39mm (box size)
·890g(body)/895g (including box)
Stock :1
PC-CUTP-002EC1 (id:12805)
Epiphany Crafts : Shape Studio Tool /1pc
Create custom acrylic buttons or epoxy shapes using scrap paper. Just insert the paper into the Button Studio tool or Shape Studio Tool, remove the adhesive backing from a clear button or shape piece and place it in the tool - then press down! The end result is a unique embellishment perfect for gluing onto any paper crafting project.
For Clear Bubble cups clik here
Stock :29
PC-CUTP-002J1 (id:2824)
Carla Craft Mega Punch : Scallop / 1pc
W75×L83×H44mm (body size)
W103×L170×H42mm (including box)
Stock :1
PC-CUTP-008D2 (id:12031)
Paper craft : Mc Gill Lever Punch / 1pc
Assemble the pieces to create a custom shape to match your project. Each design comes with an idea book for inspiration. Sizes vary.
Stock :2
PC-CUTP-011F1 (id:3379)
Paper craft : Martha Stewart Punch Around The Page / 1set
This around the page set is consist of a corner punch and an edge punch, which will works together to add a decorative die-cut trim all the way around your cards, scrapbook pages, and other paper crafts.
Stock :0
PC-CUTP-011L1 (id:11948)
Paper craft : Martha Stewart Double Punch LARGE /1pc
This punch is considered a "double punch," being it punches a shape with "holes" in it.
This punch will not punch the butterfly out all the way. Your shape should remain attached to the paper with two little "tabs" which you will need to cut.
This will prevent the punchout from getting stuck in the punch.
Simply use your paper snip scissors or an X-acto knife to free your beautiful Monarch butterfly.

Stock :1
PC-CUTP-011M1 (id:16354)
Paper craft :Martha Stewart Layering Punch /1pc
All-in-one craft punch produces two punches: one sold and one die-cut. Use the Martha Stewart Crafts Layering Punch to create layered embellishments for cards, scrapbooks, and gift tags. Simply slide the selector switch to choose each punch shape and then layer or use separately. The tool stands upright for easy access and storage.
Video click here
Stock :1