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Leather finishing: Color binder /1pc
  • Type : Acrylic water based
  • This leather foundation infuses your dye with an acrylic binder that ensures that dyes will not fade and hold firm to your leather. As well it will transform the surface of your leather in such a way as to optimise it in preparation for application of lacquer, ensuring your lacquer will not crack or peel off. It also helps evenly distributes you dye preventing streaking or swirling from original dye application.

    Simply brush onto your leather and leave to dry, after you have dyed and dried your leather. Works best our wide range of dyes, including out high quality powdered dye (just type "powdered leather dye" in the search field).

    Be sure to lacquer your leatherwork for a quality finish you can see and long lasting durability. Our line of leather lacquers are both cost effective and of high quality.

  • 100gram
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    Leather finishing: Color binder /1pc

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    Leather finishing: Leather fix /1pc
    • This outstanding leather varnish seals your leatherwork from the elements and protects it from bumps and scrapes, giving it a water resistant coating and a brilliant sheen you can see, adding years to the life of your leatherwork. Also, it won't crack or peel like other finishes. Great for surfaces and edges.
    • Works great with wax finished leather.
    • Perfect for saddles, wallets, handbags, belts and among many others. Protect your expensive waxed bridle leather with this excellent finish.
    • The best way to apply it is to evenly airbrush on you leather work or paint on with a high quality soft bristle brush, applying multiple coats.
    • Not suitable for oil leather or leather that has been heavily treated.

  • 100ml
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