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Triangle Tailors Chalk / 1 box (10 pcs)
  • Sold per box of 10 pcs same color

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Dritz Tailor's Chalk & Holder with Sharpener( White ) / 1pc

  • size:45x45mm
  • ID: 19848 Stock: 4 ¥
    Bunka Gakuen Chalk Sharpener / 1pc
    This chalk sharpener makes edges sharp.
    Just slide the chalk along the "V" grove one time and it gives a nice edge.
    Durable plastic casing with slide out bottom for easy cleaning.

    ID: 19849
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    Clover : Chaco pen ( 3 colors ) / 1 set (3pc)

  • Size: 42 x 148 x 8mm (box size)
  • ID: 12972 Stock: 5 ¥
    Clover Iron-on transfer pencyl / 1pc
    Transfer your designs easily with the help of Iron-on Transfer Pencils. Place the tracing paper on the design that you wish to transfer. Trace your design with Iron-on Pencils, then place the traced design onto the fabric and iron.
    You can use ordinary tracing paper.

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    Stock: 10 ¥
    Clover Knock Chacopel 3 colors / 1set

    ID: 13499 Stock: 6 ¥
    Clover Knock Chacopel 3 colors (refill only ) / 1set

    ID: 13500 Stock: 6 ¥
    Clover : Waterbased chaco pen with eraser / 1pc

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    Stock: 10 ¥
    Clover : Waterbased chaco pen twin type / 1pc
    • Blue : Water soluble
    • Pink : Air erasable ( 2-10 days )
      If you want to erase the mark immediately, you can erase it with water or a special eraser pen.
    • Purple : Air erasable ( 4-14 days )
      If you want to erase the mark immediately, you can erase it with water or a special eraser pen.

    • 24-418 : (extra fine ) Air erasable ( 4-14 days )
    • 24-431 : double tip (fine and thick) Water soluble
    • 24-432 : double tip (fine and thick) Air erasable ( 2-10 days )
    • 24-433 : double tip (fine and thick) Air erasable ( 4-14 days )
    • 24-436 : double tip (only fine) Blue (water souble) & pink (air erasable)

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    Chacopel ( fabric marking pencyl ) / 1 box ( 12 pcs )
    • Sold per box of 12 pcs (1 dozen) same color

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    Transfer Maker / 1pc
    Just trace and get the copy on cloth, wood, paper, etc.
    Adger Transfer Marker can transfer what you want to design and to draw lines on cloth, paper, wood, etc., without using transfer (copying) paper.
    • Y-2 : Violet
      The violet ink disappears spontaneously(IN 2-14 DAYS), and erasable by water or Eraser.
    • Z-1 : Blue
      The blue ink is erasable by water only. Never use any solvent except water.

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    Stock: 7 ¥
    Clover : Iron erasable chaco pen (white) / 1pc

    ID: 13495
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    Clover : Iron erasable chaco pen (refill) / 1set (2pc)

    ID: 13496 Stock: 2 ¥
    Clover : Chaco liner (powder type) / 1pc
    Wheel tip powder chalk
    Permits accurate markings for both straight lines and freehand curves.
    Rolls smoothly, traces fine lines & fits between stencil grooves. Chalk washes or brushes away. Plastic cap for storage. Narrow like a pen so it's easy to hold.
    The refill cartridge system is easy to use and no mess.

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    Clover : Chaco liner (powder type) refill only / 1pc

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    Stock: 6 ¥
    KARISMA 3 colors Mechanical Pencils / 1pc
    Karisma fabric mechanical pencils have specially formulated ceramic leads for clean clear lines.
    The lines are easily erased with the karisma fabric eraser. Material: water-soluble ceramic
    • Include eraser on the back of the pen, you can also erase using water
    • Can withstand heat ( marking won`t dissapear upon ironing )
    • 0.9mm ceramic leads ( strong not easily broken )
    • Refill available
    • This unit include black, white, pink color ( 1 pc each )
    • Size 14 x 1.8cm

    ID: 19861 Stock: 1 ¥
    KARISMA Mechanical pencil refill / 1 tube.
    This is refill for Karisma mechanical pencil
    Sold in a pack of 6 pcs per tube
    Made in Japan, from Ceramic leads

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    Stock: 3 ¥
    Clover : Roller Korokoro opener /1pc
    You can quickly open and fold down with light force, fold down and fold.

    Working efficiency increases as you use it for ironing.
    It is gentle on the fabric and hands.
    1. Since it presses while rotating, it does not damage the fabric without stretching it.
    2. Because there is a thickness in the center of the roller, you can press the seams and folds intensively, the Atari of the cloth edge does not appear on the table.
    3. Handle gentle with universal design. Since it is easy to grasp, you can firmly press with light force and it is hard to put a burden on hands. It is easy to use even for left-handers.
    It is also useful for lamination and other materials that can not be ironed, foundation piercing, sewing machine piecing, folding before ironing.

  • 75×190×30mm
  • ID: 21554
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    Clover Hera marker ( patchwork hera ) / 1pc
    Used for marking or creasing on fabric

    ID: 13427 Stock: 3 ¥
    Clover Hera marker for Applique and sewing / 1pc
    extra thin tip with curved design
    This marker is easy to use for applique work and creasing
    1. For creasing
    2. For marking
    3. To fold an applique or reverse applique

    ID: 13429
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    Clover seam opener & finger presser / 1pc
    Perfect for foundation piecing, patchwork and applique
    made from abrasion resistant durable material

    ID: 13428 Stock: 2 ¥
    Clover Hold It Precision Stiletto / 1pc
    Heat resistant silicone tip for working near iron while pressing. Features an angled tip for good reach and visibility and a grippy tip for holding fabric. Use at the ironing board or sewing machine. Press Perfect by Joan Hawley.

  • Length: 180mm
  • ID: 19857 Stock: 5 ¥
    Dritz Tracing Wheel / 1pc
    ** Body color may vary. **

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    Stock: 6 ¥
    Clover hera Dressmaker’s Tracing wheel / 1pc

    ID: 13430 Stock: 2 ¥
    Clover Dressmaker’s Tracing wheel (Plastic) / 1pc
    • Tracing Wheel:For transferring a pattern to another paper or making fabrics directly.
    • Soft Tracing Wheel:Will not tear the paper pattern sheets nor the carbon paper as the wheel does not have sharp edges.
    • Double Tracing Wheel:Seam line and cutting edge and both marked at the same time
      Width between the two lines can be changed in increments of 5mm from 10mm and up to 30mm. Convenient for tracing both cutting and sewing lines at the same time

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