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Clay tools : Sculpey Starter Set 3 pieces / 1set

A set of 3 double ended tools, each used for a wide range of projects and techniques.

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Clay tools : Sculpey Style and Detail / 1set

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Clay tools : Sculpey 5 in 1 Tools / 1set


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Clay tools : Sculpey Etch 'n Pearls 3 pieces / 1set

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Clay Cutter : # A3 ( Studio super slicer ) /1pc

Studio Super Slicer, with comfort handles. These long, thin blades cut smoothly through clay while the interchangeable comfort handles protect hands and fingers. Includes four different blades (rigid, flexible, wavy and rick-rack) and one set of snap-on handles.

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Premo! Sculpey Mini Metal Clay Cutters /1set

12 unique designs to make perfect shapes every time. Great for use with oven-bake clay for jewelry making, paper crafting.

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Clay Cutter : Sculpey Studio Clay Cutter / 1set

Roll clay to desired thickness (using roller or pasta machine) then cut out petals and leaves using shape maker cutters. Assemble flowers and ferns.
Clean the cutter with soap and water after use

  • A: Rose and daisy petal flower
  • B: Petals for tulips, irises, 5 petal flowers, small sunflowers, small daisies, small coneflowers, trailing flowers, etc
  • C: Leaves for holly, vines and various flowers.
  • D: Large leaves for various large flowers, vines and foliage.
  • E: Maple, and various vern.
  • F: Ginko leaves, oak leaves, and heart shape leaves.

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    Clay Extruder #A-1 / 1set

    Load your clay canes into the syringe type tube and squeeze out different uniform shapes of clay. This clay extrusion gun is: Easy to use with Kato™ polymer clay, salt or modeling clay. Includes 19 different, easy-change disc heads for creating endless decorative effects in round, ribbon, square, and triangle shapes. Made of chrome-plated pewter. Loads and cleans easily.

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    Sculpey Bead Maker / 1set

    The Sculpey Bead Maker makes perfectly round beads in seconds! With three sizes to chose from you're on your way to making beautiful polymer clay beads.

    • Makes 3 different size beads – 13mm, 16mm, 18mm
    • Measuring cups guarantee a perfectly sized bead every time!
    • Easy to use, makes beads in seconds!

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    Clay tools : Sculpey Texture Wheel / 1set

    Sophisticated and endless details are easily achieved with the four designs of the Texture Wheel - rope, vine, feather stitch and pearling. Wheels easily snap on and off quickly and wipe clean easily.

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    Sculpey Clay Bead Baking Rack / 1set

    The bead baking rack is ideal for baking multiple beads at one time. Beads bake evenly and perfectly shaped. No risk of flat bottom beads! Bead rack includes 12 bead skewers that are perfect for piercing any size bead.

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    Sculpey Clay Softener / 1 bottle

    Rescue old unbaked clay! Sculpey Clay Softener is a softening agent, which will improve the texture of clays that have become dry and crumbly.
    Use sparingly by adding a few drops and kneading into the clay until it softens. Also, great as an adhesive agent; apply sparingly to parts that will be attached to each other to increase the clay to clay bond!

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    Sculpey Liquid bake and bond / 1 bottle

  • 59ml
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    Polymer clay :Sculpey 3 / 1pc 57gram

  • Size: 2oz (57 gram)
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    Polymer clay : Premo Sculpey Clay / 1pc 57gram


    Polymer clay : Premo Sculpey Clay Accents / 1pc 57gram


    Polymer clay : Premo Sculpey Clay / 1 pc 227gram

  • Size: 8oz (227 gram)
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    Polymer clay : Premo Sculpey Clay / 1 pc 454gram

    Premo Sculpey is a professional quality modeling clay that bakes in any home oven. Premo Sculpey quickly reaches a workable state with minimal conditioning and remains soft and pliable while offering extra resistance without crumbling. Mix Premo Sculpey with other polymer clay colors, powders or pigments for interesting colors and textural effects.

    Premo Sculpey should be cured at 275º F (130 C) in a preheated oven for 30 minutes per quarter inch of thickness. DO NOT MICROWAVE. Once cured, the colors intensify and deepen.

    Hint: Conditioning of all polymer clays may be facilitated with the use of a pasta machine. Simply cut the block in half and feed each half through the largest setting. Repeat 10 times more and your clay should be conditioned.

  • Size: 1pound (454 gram)
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    Polymer clay : Sculpey Souffle / 1pc 48gram

  • Size: 1.7oz (48 gram)
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    Polymer clay : Super Sculpey Clay / 1pc

    Super Sculpey is a very unique polymer clay, loved by artists, dollmakers and Used by movie animation studios and professionals worldwide for prototypes, maquettes and all kinds of dolls.
    With a ceramic-like feel, Super Sculpey is available in a semi-translucent beige that, once baked, captures the glow of real skin. It can also be mixed with Premo or Sculpey III to change the color. As with all of our polymer clays, it is easy to condition right out of the package and stays soft until you bake it. Super Sculpey features fine tooling and detailing characteristics, and does not “fill in” after tooling. Because of the fine tooling and detailing characteristics of Super Sculpey, it is frequently the chosen clay for making prototypes from which molds are made from the Super Sculpey sculptures; then reproductions are made using the molds. Additionally, artists are producing finely detailed finished sculptures using Super Sculpey. After curing in the oven, Super Sculpey can be sanded, drilled carved and painted with water-based acrylic paints.

  • Size: 1pound (454 gram)
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    Polymer clay : Super Sculpey Clay FIRM / 1pc

    Super Sculpey is a very unique polymer clay, loved by artists, dollmakers and Used by movie animation studios and professionals worldwide for prototypes, maquettes and all kinds of dolls.
    This extra firm polymer sculpting clay can be "carved" and used for projects that require fine details.
    Its gray color has been specially formatted to allow sculptors to create fine details, and so that photographers can catch those fine points.
    Used in movie studios and by professionals worldwide, it is also a favorite with doll makers.
    After curing in the oven, Super Sculpey can be sanded, drilled carved and painted with water-based acrylic paints.

    • Note : from all super sculpey, this "FIRM" type is the most FIRM (hard), suitable for high detail carving / sculpting project.

  • Size: 1pound (454gram)
  • ID: 12404 Stock: 4 ¥
    Polymer clay : Super Sculpey Clay MEDIUM BLEND - Gray / 1pc

    • Perfect blend of both Super Sculpey and Super Sculpey Firm
    • Firm enough to hold its shape, yet soft/malleable enough to comfortably build/shape and blend pieces together. Allows the consumer to carve detail into their piece easily.
    • This clay allows you to use build up methods that are more additive and focused on building out shapes in small increments. Once the clay has been kneaded slightly, it is highly malleable and ready to blend. Cuts down on sanding time because it blends so smoothly.
    • Available in easy to cut scored bars
    • Shatter and chip resistant

  • Size: 1pound (454gram)
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    Polymer clay : Sculpey UltraLight / 1pc (227g)

    This amazing, versatile clay is lightweight, but bakes so hard that it won't crack or break, even in larger pieces. Sculpey UltraLight can be used as a replacement for tinfoil armatures and as a filler for larger beads. When rolled thin and baked, Sculpey UltraLight is flexible and perfect for paper crafts. After baking, it can be painted, sanded, drilled and buffed.

  • 8oz (227g)
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    Polymer clay : Sculpey Clay Super FLEX / 1pc

    • SuperFlex Bake & Bend is non-toxic modeling compound, soft and easy to condition and will not dry out when exposed to air. It stays soft and pliable until baked in a regular oven. (140°C) for 20 minutes per ¼" (6 mm) of thickness.
    • Once cool, Super Flex remains bendable and flexible, practically indestructible, so it's great for kids because they can make, bake, and play with their creations!
    • Adults will love SuperFlex also for its incredible durability and range of craft uses for making character figures etc.
    • Set 6 piece includes : 6 x 28 gram in Black, Blue. Green, Red, White and Yellow.
      A clay roller is also included.
    • Set 8 piece includes : 8 x 57 gram in Beige, Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White and Yellow.
      The set also includes a modeling tool and clay roller.
    • Both sets include basic instructions as well as step by step instructions to make a project.

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    Sculpey Liquid / 1pc

    • Translucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS) is liquid polymer clay, and it opens a whole new arena for artists and crafters alike! It is a bakable transfer medium for the new millennium! When artist's oil paints are mixed with it, it can be an enamel, a glaze, or a backfilling compound. When pigments or mica powders are mixed with it, it can be a stipple, a metallic glaze, or a grout for polymer clay mosaics.
    • TLS is a fantastic transfer medium, also. It is a terrific adhesive agent. Its adhesive qualities are activated only after baking. It increases the clay to clay bond between raw layers of clay, and when adding raw layers to previously baked layers. Baking temperatures are similar to solid polymer clay, but translucence increases when the temperature is bumped to 300 degrees F for a short period of time. This technique takes careful attention and a well calibrated oven!

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