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Paper craft : Mc Gill Lever Punch / 1pc

Assemble the pieces to create a custom shape to match your project. Each design comes with an idea book for inspiration. Sizes vary.

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Paper craft : Mc Gill Paper Blossoms Punch / 1pc

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Mc Gill Paper Blossoms Molding Mat / 1pc

  • This mat provides a nonskid cushioned surface to shape and mold Paper punch shapes. Cushioned surface provides the density needed to work the paper fibers in order to manipulate paper to your desired shape.
  • Ample workspace area allows to work on a multiple petals at the same time.
  • Cushioned surface to apply different levels of pressure for molding paper shapes.
  • Made of synthetic materials and rubber material for great resistance.
  • Can be used for other crafting uses: Paper molding, Perforating crafts and Dry Embossing.

  • size: 203 x 148 x 5 mm
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