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Delta Stencil Magic Paint Cremes / 1pc
Create beautifully blended and shaded stencil designs in any area of your home with Delta Stencil Magic Stencil Paint Crème.
  • No-drip formula has a thick, creamy texture for great control.
  • Won’t seep under stencil edges.
  • Concentrated permanent colors.
  • olid in the jar, creamy on your brush.
  • Use on Walls, Fabric, Wood…almost any surface!
  • Permanent and washable on fabric.
  • Oil-based, non toxic, cleans up easily with soap and water.

  • size: 15ml
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    Delta Brush Cleaner / 1pc
    Delta Brush Cleaner removes wet and dry paint from paint brushes.
    For wet paint pour a puddle of Brush Cleaner onto palette and work through bristles with a back and forth motion, rinse under running water. For dry paint pour Brush Cleaner into a small container and let brush soak overnight, rinse brush under running water and repeat if necessary. Brush Cleaner conditions brush bristles, has a low odor and is water based for easy clean up.

  • Size: 1 fl oz (29ml)
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    Delta : Air-dry Perm Enamel shimmers / 1pc
    Air-Dry PermEnamel: The revolutionary glass paint that requires no baking.
    Shimmers: Rich pearlized colors in beautiful jewel tones add a touch of elegance! Brush or sponge on after properly applying Air-Dry PermEnamel Surface Conditioner.

  • size: 59ml
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