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Mod Podge: Silicone Craft Mat /1pc
Use this silicone mat to cover and protect your work surface.
Dry craft paint and Mod Podge peel right off and it can easily be cleaned with mild soap and water.
It is heat-resistant up to 600 degrees making it perfect for use with hot glue guns.

  • Size : 370 x 292 mm
  • ID: 16482 Stock: 1 ¥
    Hot Glue Gun Helpers / 1set
    Take the sting and mess out of working with hot glue guns. Our one-of-a-kind set of must-have tools will banish your hot glue woes! Set includes a mat, finger caps, tweezers, a paddle and a press wand.

    ID: 16479 Stock: 0
    Plaid : Simply Stencil Blank (No glue) / 1pack
    Durable and reusable laser stencils are made from plastic and feature delicate, detailed designs. Easy to use and easy to clean.
    Create your own stencils with these uncut blanks.

    ID: 16475 Options
    Stock: 10 ¥
    Plaid : FolkArt Peel and Stick Stencil Blank / 1 pc
    Folkart Peel & Stick Blank-Low-tack adhesive adheres firmly to project surface to ensure design clarity and prevent paint run-unders. Flexible material allows stenciling on any surfaces-even hugs curves.
    Repositionable up to 20 times. This Stencil is blank so you can create you own design using cutter.

  • Size : 5.875"x 8.25" (149 x 209 mm)
  • ID: 16474 Stock: 2 ¥
    Leather Studio Leather & Vynil Acrylic Paint / 1 bottle
    With this Leather Studio Acrylic Paint you can give new life to vintage, finds and revamp tired pieces from your closet to give them a one of a kind, designer-inspired look. Decorate any leather and vynil surfaces such as shoes, pillows, frames, and more.
    This acryclic paint is water based for easy cleaned-up.
    The consistency of the paint gives amazing coverage to both leather and vinyl, and it won't crack or peel off.

  • Size : 2 Oz (60 ml)
  • ID: 16931 Options
    Stock: 2 ¥
    Wax Metallic finish (Treasure gold) / 1pc
      Treasure Gold is the original one-step way to add a classic metallic finish to almost any surface.
    • Use on wood, metal, glass, ceramic, wax, leather, paper, plastic or plaster.
    • Use to paint, highlight, stain, glaze antique or stencil.
    • Applies with a brush finger or rub with cloth.
    • Allow to dry and seal with clear acrylic varnish

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    Stock: 13 ¥
    Royal Coat Decoupage Finish (Clear) / 1pc
    Use as a glue to adhere cutouts, then just brush it on for a quick, two-coat build up. Royal Coat ® provides a hard finish that has a superior water resistance for all types of decoupage projects.

  • 8 fl.oz(236ml)
  • ID: 15566 Stock: 0
    Mod Podge / 1pc
    Mod Podge is the waterbase all-in-one sealer, glue and finish. It seals and glues in one application.
    Non-toxic with a simple soap and water clean up makes it great for kid's crafts, too.Wipe up spills with a damp cloth.
    It will dries transparent in less than 10 minutes. Use it as a finish for découpage.

  • Size : 236ml
  • ID: 15564 Options
    Stock: 36 ¥
    Mod Podge: Pot Sampler Set / 1pc
    This Mod Podge Sampler Pack allows you to sample six different formulas of Mod Podge.
    Included are 0.44 fl.oz. each of Matte; Gloss; Sparkle; Fabric; Paper; and Outdoor.

    ID: 15559 Stock: 1 ¥
    Mod Podge : Dimensional Magic / 1pc
    Create faux mosaic, quilt and other textures with added dimension. Dries clear and allows the full color of the surface below to show through.
    Works with Mod Podge, acrylic paint, dyes, pigments and more.
    Stay put formula won’t sag or run. Perfect for jewelry, paper crafting and accenting home décor items.
    Available in 3 type : clear, gold and silver (sold individually)

  • 2 oz (59ml)
  • ID: 15560 Options
    Stock: 9 ¥
    Mod Podge: Puzzle Saver / 1pc
    Save your finished puzzles in one step, simply brush on and this waterbased, permanent gloss finish dries in 15 minutes. Add additional coats for added strength to front and back of puzzle. Clean up while wet with soap and water.

    ID: 15558 Options
    Stock: 4 ¥
    Mod Podge: Photo Transfer Medium / 1pc
    Create decals or appliques from any original photo.
    Use it on hard surfaces or fabrics that you can handwash.

    ID: 15561 Options
    Stock: 2 ¥
    Mod Podge: Glow-In-The-Dark Medium with Foam Brush / 1pc
    Your project will really stand out when you finish it with Glow-in-the-Dark Mod Podge.

  • 2 oz (59ml)
  • ID: 15562 Stock: 2 ¥
    Mod Podge: Mod Podge Crackle Medium with Foam Brush / 1pc
    Use it on its own or with any Mod Podge formula to create fine eggshell cracks on any decoupage surface.

  • 2 oz (59ml)
  • ID: 15563 Stock: 2 ¥
    Mod Podge: Brush Applicator / 1pc
    An essential tool for the decoupage crafter!
    The 102 mm width makes it great for large surfaces such as furniture or canvases; and the Gold Taklon bristles give a smooth even application. The handle is shaped and contoured for easy gripping.

    ID: 15950 Stock: 1 ¥
    Mod Podge Podgeable Shapes ( Glass Domes ) / 1set

  • Package size: 145x120mm
  • ID: 2197 Stock: 1 ¥
    Mod Podge Podgeable Shapes ( Acrylic ) / 1set
    Create your own charms and embellishments with ready-to-decoupage acrylic shapes.

  • Package size
    Rectangles: 92x65mm
    Other: 145x120mm
  • ID: 13195 Options
    Stock: 9 ¥
    Hot cutter : Stencil film heat cutter / 1pc
    This tool has been specially designed for cutting stencil patterns faster and easier from plastic, MYLAR®, and resist materials up to 7 mil thick. Perfect for glass etching, sandblasting, crafts and hobbies. Its short shaft provides good tip control and cutting accuracy making it ideal for cutting intricate as well as larger patterns.
    Note: Electric is 110 Volt

    ** The color and the package may vary. **

    ID: 7126 Stock: 1 ¥
    Mod Podge Mod Mold / 1pc

  • Size
    • Regular: 9.52 x 9.52 cm
    • X-Large: 19.05 x 9.52 cm
  • ID: 16600 Options
    Stock: 18 ¥
    Stencil Decor Spouncer / 1pc
    This innovative stenciling sponge on a handle is great for stenciling on any surface. Can be cleaned, and re-used while wet.
    Pounce, stipple or swirl on paint, it fits comfortably in palm of hand and uses less paint than bristle brushes.

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    Stock: 13 ¥
    Stiffy Fabric Stiffener / 1pc
    Add dimension to your craft projects with Stiffy ®, the original fabric stiffener. This classic medium is perfect for stiffening fabric, ribbon, lace, needlework and more!

  • size: 8 FL. OZ.(236 ml)
  • ID: 20100 Stock: 0

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