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Loctite : Super Glue / 1 pc

LOCTITE Powerful quick-drying glue Use For :
To repair ... Toys, Prastic models, Accessories, Potteries, Furnitures, Housewooden fittings, Papercraft, Home electronics.

Can be used for Metal, Sythetic rubber, Rigid plastic, Pottery, Wood, Cardboard.

Feature :

  • Water resistance
  • Shock resistance
  • Flexible
  • High resistance for the shock, vibration and water.

    Note :

  • When used for leather or clothes, the side with the adhesive may become harder and non-flexible.
  • When used for small area like flame of eye glasses etc. and something plated, it would not be glued well.
  • When used for the plastics of acrylics system, of polycarbonate system, or of polystyrene system, the plastics may crack or the surface may melt.
  • The place or things which always applies water is improper to be glued with this.

    Cannot be used for:
    Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Nylon, Elastic vinyl, Fluoro-resin, Silicone rubber, Glass, StyreneSize : 5gr

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  • TO-BND-L001C2
    Loctite : Glue For Fabric and Cloths General Purpose / 1 pc

  • Instant repair of clothes (fiber cloth).
  • Glue to hem pants (Jeans / Work Pants)
  • Glue to patch the pants
  • Fray repair of knitted wool
  • As a adhesive of the handicraft material using cloth.
  • Adhesion or repair of emblems or appliques.

    Cannot be used for Nylon Cloth.

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