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Marking (stamp) ImpressArt - Stamp Enamel / 1pc

ImpressArt’s Stamp Enamel is an acrylic ink used to darken stamped impressions so that your design will be clearly seen. The 1.1oz bottle is designed with a small tip for precise application. Simply fill your impression with the stamp enamel, blot the enamel into the impression, wait 1-3 minutes, and wipe away the excess ink with a soft cloth.

  • Water resistant when dry
  • Waterbase
  • Non-toxic

  • Size: 32.5ml (1.1 oz)
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    Metal blank for bracelet making

  • TO-CUTS-31A1
    Metal Shears / 1pc

    ImpressArt Metal Shears cuts up to 20 gauge sheet metal.

    • Length: 7"
    • Cuts up to 20 gauge sheet metal
    • Safety lock keeps shears closed when not in use
    • Soft textured handles for comfortable, secure grip

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    ImpressArt series : Short handle Stamping Hammer / 1pc

    • 1 lb. brass head creates crisp even impressions while prolonging the life of the metal stamp
    • Scaled down ergonomic grip designed for ease of handling & accuracy


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    ImpressArt series : Ergo-Angle Metal Stamping Hammer / 1pc

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    ImpressArt series : Marking (stamp) ImpressArt -Texture Stamper hammer / 1set

    This innovative tool creates unique, one of a kind textures using your metal stamps as texture heads. To use, simply insert a ImpressArt 6mm stamp into the head, tighten the handle, and stamp repeatedly. Note the Texture Stamper should not be used when a single, full impression is desired. Includes Sprinkle pattern stamp.

    • Create unique textures using your metal stamps
    • Fits all ImpressArt 6mm stamps
    • Includes Sprinkle design stamp

  • Length: 235mm
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    ImpressArt Stamping block / 1pc

    • Designed specifically for metal stamping
    • Constructed of extra hard carbon steel
    • Polished smooth surface will not mark back side of discs
    • Low profile thickness provides ample support while eliminating unnecessary bulk and weight
    • Includes rubber feet so block can be used on delicate surfaces like kitchen tables

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    ImpressArt series : Dapping Kit /1pc

    A dapping block and punch are used to form soft metals* into a dome shape.
    ImpressArt’s Dapping Kit has one curved depression that can easily add a domed effect to stamping blanks up to 1 ¼” in diameter. The depression provides a scratch-free, non-marring surface that produces an even, smooth curvature to pendants and more intricate designs.

    Its multi-storage options allow the dapping block and punch to be stored upright on top of a workbench or flat inside a drawer.

    To use, simply place stamped blank inside depression and hold punch in center of blank. Then strike punch with a metal stamping hammer until blank is domed.

    *Rated for stamping on soft metals: Alkemé, aluminum, pewter, copper, brass, silver, and gold.

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    Marking (stamp) ImpressArt - Simple Strike Jig / 1pc

    The Simple Strike Jig is designed to help you produce perfect stamped impressions. Simply place the stamp in the jig, hold the jig firmly, and stamp. The jig holds the stamp flush, so you will always achieve an even, clear impression while saving your fingers!

  • Size: (W)50x(H)47x(D)35mm
    Package size: 125x75mm
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    Marking (stamp) ImpressArt - Economy series / 1set

    For stamping soft metals including aluminum, pewter, alkeme, copper, brass, and nickel silver.

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    Marking (stamp) ImpressArt - Designer series / 1set

  • ]
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    ImpressArt Stamp Storage Case /1pc

    Hole: Horizontal hole

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    Nylon Jaw, Bracelet Bending Pliers ( ImpressArt series ) / 1pc

    Bracelet Bending pliers easily shape metal strips into bracelets.
    The nylon jaws shape the metal without leaving any nicks or dents.

    • Length: 6"(150mm)
    • Jaw width: 15/16"(24mm)
    • Stainless steel
    • Soft textured handles for comfortable, secure grip
    • Drop forged and heat treated
    • For bending metal strips up to 1" wide

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    Metal punch Double hole ( ImpressArt ) / 1pc

    The 2 hole punch creates 1.5mm and 2.4mm holes in discs and findings. The Large 2 Hole punch creates 3mm and 4mm holes wide enough for rivets. Simply screw down the desired punch until it pierces through your work piece leaving a clean crisp hole. Works on most metals up to 3mm thick. Replacement punches available

  • Main Unit Package size: 185x75x15mm
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    Stamping blank strip ( Aluminum ) 20ga (0.8mm) / 1pc

    Stamping blank strip ( Aluminum ) 20ga (0.8mm) / 1pc

    Stamping blank strip ( Aluminum ) ga (mm) / 1pc

    Stamping blank strip ( Copper ) 24ga (0.5mm) / 1pc

    Stamping blank strip ( Copper ) 24ga (0.5mm) / 1pc

    Stamping blank strip ( Copper ) 24ga (0.5mm) / 1pc