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Wubbers : Artisan's Mark Texture Hammers /1pc

  • 21.59cm
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    Wubbers : Artisan's Mark Embossing Hammers /1pc

  • 21.59cm
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    Stock: 7 ¥
    Wubbers Looping Pliers / 1pc

    Wubbers has done it again! Wrap beads and make eyepins perfect every time. Never before has there been a pair of pliers that can do so much, and so easy to learn.The unique jaw shape and size provides for a consistent finish. .

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    Stock: 7 ¥
    Wubbers Square Mandrel Pliers / 1pc

    Wubbers Square Mandrel Pliers are good for a number of uses including making even coils, square jump rings, tubes, square beads, and much more! The large, padded, turquoise handles are extra comfortable and measure 6-1/4" long.
    The square jaws are a continuous square mandrel (as opposed to being tapered). In addition, the jaws are two different sizes so that you may create a wide variety of square shaped pieces.
    The length of each jaw is 34mm.

    Small: The larger jaw measures approximately 5mm square and the smaller is 3mm square.
    Medium: The larger jaw measures approximately 8mm square and the smaller is 6mm square.

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    Wubbers Triqngle Mandrel Pliers / 1pc

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    Wubbers Oval Mandrel Pliers / 1pc

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    Stock: 8 ¥
    Wubbers Half Round Mandrel Pliers / 1pc

    A favorite among wire-working jewelers, this pair of Wubbers® half-round mandrel pliers creates round loops in two sizes. Versatile, comfortable and practical to use, these pliers feature handles angled to give you a powerful grip. Use these half-round mandrel pliers to make smooth curves and half-round components!

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    Stock: 7 ¥
    Wubbers Parallel Pliers / 1pc

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    Stock: 9 ¥
    Pin punch : Wubbers Riveting Essentials / 1set

    Our riveting kit, developed by instructor Gwen Youngblood, will teach you to rivet like a pro. Join metal, add no-solder bezels...the possibilities are endless! The hardest part of traditional riveting is measuring the wire prior to forming the rivet. With the three different Rivet Gauges (14, 16 and 18 gauge) included in this kit, measuring wire is easy. The Rivet Punches allow you to set rivets in difficult locations and also attach bezel cups. The Rivet Punches are 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4" to allow for a wide variety of uses. The tiny riveting block measures 1" and has twelve small divots ranging in sizes from 3 to 13.5mm. These tiny divots allow you to set round-headed rivets while maintaining the round head. A 28-page project guide with photos is also included with this kit.

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