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Clay Cutter : Leaf cutters, Lisa Pavelka, Signature Series / 1set

These embossing cutters are ideal for creating beautiful embellishments, accents, or jewelry components from moldable mediums including: polymer, metal, and air dry paper clays. These versatile tools can be used to cut out the desired shape in seconds with beautiful, consistent results time after time. You can cut out using only the outline, leaving the surface flat and unadorned, or emboss the surface with a push of the spring-loaded plunger. Create stunning effects on polymer and air dry paper clays using Foils, decorative powders, metal clay or water-based paints.

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Lisa Pavelka : Magic-Glos™ /1pc

Magic-Glos™ is a must have to help gloss, no shrinkage,waterproof and protect your polymer clay masterpiece and craft creations. With Magic-Glos™ you just need 10 minutes out in the sun, and it’s cured to a tough, shiny, glass-like finish.

We sell in 2 types bottle : 5 gram and 30 gram

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Foils paper, Lisa Pavelka, Signature Series / 1set

This foil are perfect for creating fabulous faux effects such as dichroic glass, metal and more. Use them to gild, highlight, and crackle on clay and crafting surfaces.
Each set contains 6 different type of colors
Very easy to use! Simply roll out a sheet of polymer clay, lay the foil over the clay, coated side down, and burnish with fingertip firmly over the surface of the foil sheet using a scrap of paper between your finger and the foil. This will cause the metallic coating on the underside to attach itself firmly to the surface of the clay.
Rip the sheet off the clay in one quick movement and the backing sheet will come away, leaving the clay covered with wonderful metallic coating.

  • Foil size: 21.5 x 12 cm

    26995. Celebration / 1 each of Rainbow , Surprise, Speckled, Stars and Stripes, Sunset, Oil Slick

    27143. Bright & Bold / 1 each of Rainbow, Purple, Blue, Red, Magenta, Green

    27148. Expressions / 1 each of Silver, Gold, Copper, Pearlidescent, Splash, Oil Slick

    27216. Fantasy / 1 each of Black & Gold, Black & Silver, Ruby, Lime, Royal Blue, Violet

    27388. Jewel Tones / 1 each of Rainbow, Ruby Red, Royal Blue, Violet, Copper, Silver

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    Water slide Transfers Lisa Pavelka Signature Series / 1set

    These waterslide transfers, from the Lisa Pavelka Signature Series, can be used on lightly coloured surfaces including clay, paper, fabric, card, metal, glass and more. Each package contains 40-60 images, all approx. 2cm x 3cm.

    Wet the back of the transfer with water, slide into place and smooth onto the surface. Full instructions included

    ** Package may vary. **


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    Water slide Transfers, Lisa Pavelka, Signature Series (Blank Inkjet stock) / 1set

    Easy-to-use waterslide transfer sheets for clay and crafts.

    • Make your own waterslide transfers using any image and your inkjet printer
    • Four (4) 14x21cm (5.5"x8.5") sheets included
    • Contains complete instructions for use
    The transfers can also be applied to other surfaces including metal, cloth, paper, wood and glass. They are a great way to embellish all of your creations !

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    Lisa Pavelka : High Walls Metal Ring Bezel / 1pc

    Create beautiful handcrafted pieces of jewelry for yourself or as gifts with this metal ring.

    • Great for Resin casting, polymer clay, beads and crystals.
    • Made with silver plated base metal.
    • Lead & zinc free.
    • Extra deep with high walls.
    Resin casting click here

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    Lisa Pavelka : Steampunk Collection Watch Gears And Cogs / 1pc

    Mixed assortment of watch parts. Use these parts to create a beautiful, unique, steam punk necklace, bracelet, earrings or something your heart desires. The number of pieces per package varies depending on the size of the components.
    Create your own clay craft, scrapbooking or wire accessories with this component!

    ** Package may vary. **

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    DVD : Claying Around with Lisa Pavelka / 1pc

    This Lisa Pavelka DVD contains 2 incredible hours of step by step instructions on how to complete six polymer clay projects plus the basics are also covered. A list of all the supplies needed for each of the projects is listed on the inside cover so you can prepare ahead of time and work along with her. Great as a reference and support tool. Learn to create personal and sophisticated designs as gifts. This comprehensive DVD caters for the full spectrum of Polymer Clay

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    Lisa Pavelka : High Walls Metal Pendant Bezel / 1pc

    Create beautiful handcrafted pieces of jewelry for yourself or as gifts with Lisa's metal bezels.

  • Great for polymer clay, beads, resin / dimentional magic craft and crystals.
  • Extra deep with high walls.

    Resin casting click here

  • Oval Size : 31x24mm
    Pocket Watch Size : 35mm
    Rectangle Size : 32x21 mm
    Round Size :27mm
    Square Size :22mm

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    Glue: Lisa Pavelka, Poly Bonder (for polymer clay) /1pc

    Poly Bonder is a high temperature craft adhesive that is designed to work perfectly with polymer clay craft projects.
    Poly Bonder Product Features:

    • Instant-bond craft adhesive designed for high temperature use.
    • Safe to bake with Polymer clays!
    • Fuses in seconds.
    • Easy, Safe and Economical
    • No mess brush-on applicator.
    • Ideal for general crafting too! Use with paper, ceramics, plastic and more!
    • For baking at temperatures up to 150°C (300°F)

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    Border mold : Lisa Pavelka, Signature Series / 1set

    Make incredible polymer clay border designs to embellish your clay and crafting projects quickly and easily. These designs make excellent scrapbook borders and photo frames. The open ended cavities make removing borders a snap and minimize stretching and distortion.

    Your borders can be securely attached to uncured clay, baked clay or other surfaces using Poly Bonder glue. You can use hot melt glues, ultra thick embossing enamels, soap, metal or air dry clays for different types of border projects !

    There are 4 types options (A, B, C, D) , and each set consist of 4 different types of molds.

  • size : 11 x 9 cm
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    Texture sheet #4-A : Lisa Pavelka, Signature Series, Texture Stamps / 1 pc

    These texture stamps come in a variety of unique patterns. Each is extra deep to give highly detailed results for both dimensional design and surface imprinting. Each stamp comes unmounted for optimal usability.

    • Enhance your stamp design with foils, stamp pads,embossing powders or ultra thick embossing enamels.
    • Ideal for clay applications including: Textile Effect, Mica Shift,Patterned Dichroic, Sutton Slice, Faux Tapestry Techniques, and much more!
    • 28 type Pattern Available

  • ] Size; 13.9 x 10.6 cm
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    Texture sheet #4-B : Lisa Pavelka, Signature Series, Texture Stamp Strips / 1 pc

    • Two Designs Per Strip.
    • Extra deep to give highly detailed results.
    • Great for dimensional design and surface imprinting.
    • Unmounted for optimal usability.
    • Create beautiful designs with polymer clay, metal clay, paper, fabrics, wood, glass and more.
    • Quality rubber material used to ensure durability and heat resistance.
    • Enhance your stamp designs with foils, ink pads, embossing powders or ultra thick embossing enamels.
    • Ideal for clay applications including: Textile Effect, Mica Shift, Patterned Faux Dichroic, Sutton Slice, Faux Tapestry techniques, and much more.

  • size: 17x5cm
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