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Frixion Erasable Ballpoint / 1pc
Write-Rub-Correct as fast and often as necessary. The 'correctable' pen FRIXION from PILOT is already the world's most advanced ball point pen. This pen's unique feature is the 'clever ink' which turns transparent when subjected to friction. With no eraser dust, the line disappears very cleanly and leaves only a faint impression of the erased line. The ideal way to erase is by using the built in eraser but most hard plastic erasers also work.
FRIXION is perfect for card design, artwork, sketching, technical drawings or simply for writing and correcting. Also ideal for school and work. Even secret messages are possible: at -15°C (freezer temperature) erased ink reappears instantly. Price per pen.

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Frixion Erasable Ballpoint : Refill / 1set (3pc)
Pack of three refills for the Pilot Frixion erasable rollerball pen.

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PILOT Juice Gel pen /1set

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Calligraphy pen : Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Pen / 1set
The Pilot Parallel Pen represents a major breakthrough in calligraphy pen design!
The pen nib consists of two parallel plates, allowing the writer to produce lines sharper than existing calligraphy pens. You can create blended color lines with its special mixable ink as well.
Refill sold in a box of 6 tubes (same color).

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PILOT Kakuno Fountain Pen - Fine Nib / 1pc
Your first encounter with a fountain pen is important. That's why Pilot designed the Kakuno pen, a simple fountain pen that is great for beginners. Thanks to its many features that help ease beginners into the world of fountain pens, kids and adults can experience the joy of writing with these delightful instruments. "Kakuno" means "to write" in Japanese, and that's just what this pen helps you do!

Features include the cute smiley face on the nib that always faces up when writing, ensuring correct nib orientation. The "Soft" color pens have a winking smiley face, while the other colors have a regular smiley face. Indentations in the cap make it easy to grasp when uncapping the pen. The cap and body are hexagonal, similar to the classic wooden pencil, so that the pen is comfortable to hold and doesn't roll away. The grip is made in a triangular shape so that fingers naturally sit in the correct position. Novices will soon be on their way to becoming seasoned fountain pen users!

One black ink cartridge is included. This pen is compatible with Pilot ink cartridges and converters.

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PILOT Prera Fountain Pen Fine nib / 1pc
Preras are deliciously colorful, have a clean and simple look and write
luxuriously. Each pen comes elegantly decorated with metal trim and feels
very well made. The pen weighs approximately 0.5 ounces (without pen box)
and measures 12 cm capped, 10.75 cm uncapped, and 13.5 cm with the cap posted
The pen is compatible with the CON-20 or CON-50 converter as well as ink
cartridges. Each pen comes with one free black refill cartridge.

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Pilot Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge / 1 set (5pc)
This is fountain pen ink cartridges for PILOT.

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Fountain pen CONVERTER : Pilot / 1pc

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PILOT FriXion Light Erasable Highlighter / 1set
These amazing FriXion Light highlighters are erasable!
While highlighting textbooks and notes, sometimes you might accidentally highlight the wrong word, or you might over-highlight a chapter and want to un-highlight certain sections.
If you're using the FriXion Light highlighters, that's no problem, because you can erase your highlighting! Simply use the rubber "eraser" tip at the top of the highlighter. The ink disappears cleanly, and there are no eraser shavings.
The highlighters are eco-friendly too, made of 87% recycled materials.
FriXion ink is a thermosensitive ink that can be erased by rubbing. Interestingly, erased ink reappears at temperatures below 14° F (-10° C).
A freezer is cold enough to make this happen. Due to the thermosensitive nature of FriXion ink, we advise against using it for mailings, or leaving the written materials in hot cars or in environments that expose them to a lot of friction.

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Pilot Fountain pen ink / 1 bottle
Ink for Pilot Fountain Pen.
70 ml of high-quality, general use fountain pen ink from Pilot specifically
targeted for plunger-type fountain pens. Each of these ink bottles easily
solves that problem with a simple plastic tube in the bottle. As the ink
levels get low, simply tighten the bottle cap, flip the bottle upside down,
and then flip it right side up. Ink levels remain higher within the plastic
tube than in the rest of the bottle, allowing you to fill your plunger-style
fountain pen with ease.

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PILOT : Drawing Pen /1pc

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