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Fabric Dyeing Assistant Accelerator agent / 1 pack

  • Size: 100 gram
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    Japanese Dye kit : Traditional Japanese Indigo kit SEIWA KONYA-I Pack ( English version ) / 1 set

    This is a kit for easy learning about "Aizome", Japan traditional technique for dyeing fabric to make a beautiful "Aizome" or "Japan blue" color.
    This kit include a fully detailed, easy to follow instruction manual complete with special dyeing techniques in English.
    Very easy to follow:

    • mix the Konya-I Indigo Crystals into 5 litres of hot water. Stir until the crystals have completely dissolved and add the reduction agent. Let the mixture sit for 20 minutes.
    • From there put the cloth you wish to dye in a second bucket of water. Remove the cloth and lightly squeeze to get rid of excess moisture. Gently place the cloth into the first bucket with indigo dye and leave it for 3 minutes. Take it out of the indigo bath, squeeze the excess dye out, and rinse the cloth lightly in the second bucket of water. Place the cloth on a sheet of newspaper and squeeze out as much liquid as possible.
    • Please note that the dye will appear green at first, but as it air dries the color will change to lovely indigo.

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    Leather softener / 1pc

    • Alcohol based
    • Purpose : to soften the flaps, joints, book spines and covers or any part of your leather work that will be bent often and make it more flexible and durable, while preventing cracking.
    • Also excellent as a treatment prior to carving your leather.
    • Simply dilute in water (1 part treatment for 4 parts warm water), mix the solution and brush onto the grain side of the leather that will be flexed often or carved and allow to absorb. For thick or old leather apply 2 coats and use little or no water.

  • 100gr
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    Leather smoother (Leather Craft Lace and Thread Conditioner) / 1pc

    • Purpose : Leather thread and leather lace conditioner. Great for making thread and lace smooth and easy to sew.
    • This agent will soften and strengthen your linen thread or leather lace against wear as well as improve its appearance.
    • Simply apply to your lace or thread with a soft cloth before sewing. Shake well before use.

  • 100gr
  • ID: 10786 Stock: 5 ¥
    Leather dye color : Roapas batik /1bottle

    High quality dye solution for leatherwork, perfect for colouring the trimmed edges of your leather craft, repairing scratches in that new wallet of yours or colouring an entire hide.
    Simply clean all wax or grime from your leatherwork using a mild bleach or oxalic acid (1 teaspoon per pint of water), then saturate a piece of cloth in the dye and work in a circular motion over your leather, reapplying as necessary. Airbrushing in a well ventilated area is also an effective method of dyeing you leather. For edges, use a small sponge or cotton bud saturated in dye.

    • Note: Water based

  • Size: 100ml

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    Leather dye color ( Paste ) : Seiwa carving dye /1bottle

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    Seiwa Edge Enamel Finish (Gloss Mat) / 1pc

  • size: 30 gram]

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    Edge side finish : Seiwa Tokonole / 1 pc

    water based, odor-free, irritant-free, non-toxic, environmentally friendly
    Simply apply a small amount to the flesh side or edge of your leather, spread evenly then firmly work into the leather with a smooth wooden dowel or piece of scrap, reapply as necessary to leather and leave to dry.
    Excellent for burnishing edges as well.
    The fibres will be compacted and a glossy finish will appear leaving the flesh side of your leather so smooth and attractive it won't even need any lining!
    An excellent tragacanth replacement. No more foul smelling tragacanth preservative, no more skin irritation.
    Note : this is NEW packaging

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    Leather finishing: Color binder /1pc

    • Type : Acrylic water based
    • This leather foundation infuses your dye with an acrylic binder that ensures that dyes will not fade and hold firm to your leather. As well it will transform the surface of your leather in such a way as to optimise it in preparation for application of lacquer, ensuring your lacquer will not crack or peel off. It also helps evenly distributes you dye preventing streaking or swirling from original dye application.

      Simply brush onto your leather and leave to dry, after you have dyed and dried your leather. Works best our wide range of dyes, including out high quality powdered dye (just type "powdered leather dye" in the search field).

      Be sure to lacquer your leatherwork for a quality finish you can see and long lasting durability. Our line of leather lacquers are both cost effective and of high quality.

  • 100gram
  • ID: 10501 Stock: 3 ¥
    Leather finishing: Leather fix /1pc

    • This outstanding leather varnish seals your leatherwork from the elements and protects it from bumps and scrapes, giving it a water resistant coating and a brilliant sheen you can see, adding years to the life of your leatherwork. Also, it won't crack or peel like other finishes. Great for surfaces and edges.
    • Works great with wax finished leather.
    • Perfect for saddles, wallets, handbags, belts and among many others. Protect your expensive waxed bridle leather with this excellent finish.
    • The best way to apply it is to evenly airbrush on you leather work or paint on with a high quality soft bristle brush, applying multiple coats.
    • Not suitable for oil leather or leather that has been heavily treated.

  • 100ml
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    Leather finishing: Enamel Foundation /1pc

  • 250ml
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    Leather finishing: Wax coat /1pc

    Finish agent of the high-quality natural wax with of natural shine. Shine appears more when you polish the leather.
    The finish is the antique-like brown a little.
    It is superior to water resistance and you can use it as the finish agent for carving die.

  • 100gr
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    Leather cleaner : cleaner /1pc

    This Leather cleaner helps you it to cleaning light coloured leathers that show the dirt most, but can still be used on all colours of leather safely too.
    contains of Jojoba oil. How to use:
    Shake the bottle, then wipe off the cleaner and dirt with a clean cloth.
    Dried naturally in a cool, dry place, as high heat can remove oils in the leather.

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    Leather care: New leather cream /1pc

    ID: 10506 Stock: 1 ¥
    Leather care: Pure horse oil /1pc

    1. The penetration is great. It soaks deeply and quickly, and the result is lightly without being sticky. It is hardly left on the surface. It gives dry leather moisture and prevents drying.
    2. Good for sterilization and antioxidant action. The oil slick which seeped wraps up a spore and bacteria and prevents outbreak of the mold.
    It prevents the leather oxidation and is easy to come to prevent leather aging and sunburn.
    3. It is safe for your skin.
    4. You can use leather finishings even after you put this pure hose oil, as it does not flip leather finish agent. You can use it for dyed leather.

    ID: 10507 Stock: 1 ¥
    Leather cleaner : Leather soap /1pc

    This Leather Soap helps you to clean the dirt, remove unpleasant odor, also give a nutrients to your leather product.
    Don't use this product other then for leather.
    Contains : alkaline fluorides, mineral-base oil, polyoxyalkylene alkyl ether, benzimidazole compounds.

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    Colored Vegetable tanned Cowhide /1pc

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    Leather cord round (Japan) 2mm /1m

  • d: 2mm
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    Leather strap : for Lacing 3mm / 90cm cut

  • w:3mm, t:0.5mm, L:90cm
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    Leather strap : for Braiding 4mm / 170cm cut

    9 color

  • w:4mm, t:1.5mm, L:170cm
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    Katagami (Pattern) for Handmade Leather Craft / 1pc

    This Katagami for handmade leather craft is a good first leather craft project that requires only basic leather craft tools.
    Each Katagami contains one patterns and their instructions for making leather wallets or smallbags or koozie, and so on, well illustrated and easily to understand.
    It will give you many idea to start your own leather craft project!

    Notice: leather and tools not included. Feel free to use your own leather material.

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    Leather adhesive : White bond (Bond ace) - Seiwa brand / 1pc

    This water based adhesive is excellent to bond your leatherwork. It also works great on wood or paper, dries clear. Should excess glue accumulate on unwanted areas, simply burnish off when dry or semi-dry.
    Constituent:Vinyl Acetate
    Simply apply with a brush to both sides of the leather you wish to glue, put them together before glue dries out. You can adjust the position during bonding because it does not dry quickly.

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    Modeller tool : Seiwa brand /1pc

    Figure carving and to smooth beveling marks

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    Wing compass (divider) / 1pc

    ID: 10722 Stock: 1 ¥
    Stitching hole punch - Diamond shape ( Seiwa brand) /1pc

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