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Masking Tape Printer: Coharu / 1unit

This gadget prints on special masking tapes that can be used as labels or decorations for various occasions. You can print in English and Japanese — included are 4115 kanji characters, hiragana, katakana, numbers, special symbols and of course emoji.
The masking tapes (sold separately) come in various colors and patterns.
The portable Coharu — which looks a lot like a miniature white suitcase feeds on four AAA batteries.
1 line (9mm)for 15 mm tape
6 fonts and 4 sizes
34 frames
* You need batteries (not included)

  • (MP10)
    size: 80 x 110 x 40mm (without belt)
    weight: 175g (without batteries)

    size: 97 x 107 x 42mm (without belt)
    weight: 201g (without batteries)
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    Schedule printer : Hiyori / 1 unit

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    Label printer - Tape printer : Tepra Lite LR30/ 1 unit

    You can download application from playstore.

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    Masking Tape Printer: Tepra Lite / 1unit

    Tepra Lite prints on special masking tapes that can be used as labels or decorations for various occasions. You can print English and Japanese font — included are 6 type of font (1 type of kanji) , 49 frame, 376 of symbols
    Size: 90 × 115 × 37mm approx
    * You need batteries (not included) NOTE : this is Japanese version ( there is NO English version )

  • Size: 90 × 115 × 37mm approx
    weight: 195g (without batteries)
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    Tape Printer : Tepra PRO SR-RK2 / 1 unit

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    Ribbon Ink Cartridge for Tepra PRO / 1 roll

  • ATT-PC-0210A3
    Masking Tape For Coharu Hiyori and Tepra Lite Printer / 1roll

    for Masking tape printer "coharu", "Hiyori" and "Tepra Lite LR5"
    You can use these tapes both for "coharu" and "Tepra Lite LR5"

    ** heat-sensitive paper **

  • Width: 15mm
    Length: 4m
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    Ribbon Ink Cartridge for Girly Tepra / 1 roll

    This is the Ribbon cartridge for "Girly Tepra Ribbon Printer"
    Each Type Ribbon has a different ink color font. ?Width:12mm?Lenght:5m

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    Document organizer : Clear file zipper type /1pc

    File organization: Clear file Chuck type / 1 piece
    A zipper pocket protects stored items from water, dirt and falling off.
    The zipper closes tightly to prevent the stored items from falling.
    You can store small items together.
    Convenient for storing handicraft supplies and small stickers.

    · For storage of handicraft supplies and stickers
    · For organizing tickets and photos

    Color: Black White Yellow Light blue Red
    Size: A4 vertical type
    Pockets: 12 pockets
    External dimensions: Approximately 245 (W) x 320 (H) x 28 (D) mm
    Others: Color PP cover (opaque)

    The total thickness and weight of the stored items is within 8 mm and 320 g or less (excluding pockets).

  • A4 Vertical type
    245 x 320×28 mm
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    3-5 d
    Document organizer : Jilitz clear file /1pc

    It is a clear file that can be assembled quickly and can be used upright.
    Because it can be set up, it saves space, for meetings and meetings, studying, cooking recipes, reading music scores, etc.
    It can be widely used from business to daily use.
    Raise your eyes and enjoy comfortable desk work.

    Size: A4 vertical type
    Number of pockets: 10 pockets, 20 pockets (fixed type, with mount)
    Material: Opaque PP cover
    External dimensions: Width 237mm x Height 307mm x Depth: 13mm, 16mm

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    3-5 d
    King Jim trimmer Tepra RT36W / 1pc

    This scissor will trim and make a nice round corner for your Tepra label.

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