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Turner natural Milk paint ( water based ) / 1 bottle
  • This is Milk paint , made by Turner Japan.
    Made from the same raw material for Morinaga milk (Milk producer in Japan).
  • These colours dry to a beautiful matte finish that does not destroy the texture of the wood. Multiple coats will build a longer lasting and more opaque film By adding water, a transparent stain effect can be attained.

  • Size: 200ml
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    Turner Milk Paint Series / 1 package
    This Turner Paint make your art project became more fun with variety special effect. Easily applicable and non-toxic( main composition is milk !) for variety of surface : good for wood or metal object. Find your creativity with Turner Milk Paint Series !

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    Turner Iron Paint (water based)/ 200ml
    This metallic paint from Turner gives amazing metallic appearance with realistic texture of metallic layer. It contains cellulose fiber for the purposes of giving realistic metal surfaces. Good for interior object or exterior paint.

  • Size: 200ml
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    Exterior paint : Turner aging art color /1pc

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    Turner Artist Colour SET & Single color (20ml) / 1 tube (set)
    If you love painting, only Turner Acryl Gouache has a high pigment load, totally free of heavy metal pigments. Almost all Acryl Gouache colors are totally lightfast, with the exception of their decorative and luminescent lines. Because of the small amount of binder there is little color shift after painting, which allows the pigment brilliance to continue through the drying process. Incredibly versatile, it will adhere to most substrates like wood, acrylic boards, stone, cloth, clay, metal, slate, glass, aluminum, iron, hard vinyl, styrofoam, stretched canvas, and properly-sized artist's papers. Turner Acryl Gouache is quick drying and water-reducible (2:1 paint to water ratio), yet water resistant when dry. It can be applied in multiple layers with no bleeding or streaking, while retaining a velvet-like, matte finish and brilliant color hue. The 9 color line range offers intense, dazzling colors for all techniques!

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    Turner Japanesque Colours / 1set

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    Finishing : Clay metallic color ( Turner brand ) / 1 bottle.

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    Turner Chalkboard Paint
    We recommend the painting to a smooth surface.
    It does not adhere to polyethylene, polypropylene, polyolefin, nylon
    and rubber.
    It is not suitable for fabrics, etc.
    May be discolored and washable with wet cloth.

  • Size 170 ml
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    Turner : Antique Wax / 1 pc
    Feature wax :
    A Gentle safe wax made from natural materials.
    The main raw material is natural beeswax.
    Made with normal paraffin with less odor and low toxic. It is safe and reliable.
    Protects the surface of wood and colouring at the same time.
    There is no unpleasant smell, convenient to use.
    It is thick paste that can be easily used with a cloth or sponge.
    Can be used without stain of other paint.
    Excellent spreading wax with nice finishing touches.
    There is no colour transfer or stickiness after painting.
    Dry after 15-30 minutes(can be repeated for 3-4 times for darker color)
    Available in 8 different color.

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