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Holbein Acrylic Ink Empty Pump /1pc
A dedicated refilling marker container which can be used by filling with acrylic [ink].
You can put your favorite color into four kinds of marker containers with different shapes.
It is also possible to create your own original marker by color mixing. Expanding the possibilities of expression.
(Pearl type color is clogged at the tip and can not be used.)

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Holbein Ecolse Painting Knife / 1 pc
Series 1066E Ecolse Painting Knives have a steel blade in a hardwood handle.

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Drawing paper : Holbein - Maxon Manga Drawing Paper / 1 pack
These Maxon Manga Drawing Paper packs from Holbein are designed with the standard specifications of the manga industry. The drawing paper made with a vellum surface that is ideal for inking. Also, each sheet features metric rulers in the margins in non-photo blue or red. Available in different styles and two sizes (B4 and A4)

  • 1 Pack 40 sheets
    Basic: 110kg paper
    Standard: 135kg paper
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    Holbein Color Pencils / set
    Holbein's Artists' Colored Pencil made from carefully selected fine pigments is a soft oil colored pencil; therefore, it is adjusted to meet artists' high demands. As color material, it enables you to paint rapidly necessary colors one after another without soiling the hand.
    1.Color spreads well, for the lead is soft.
    It can be used for daubing the whole surface of paper uniformly with a thick lead and also for drawing fine lines smoothly with a tapering lead.
    2. Excellent light resistance
    High-grade pigment is selected carefully, and it exhibits little fading or discoloration by light.
    3.Thick lead and thick pencil easy to draw with
    The lead 3.8 millimeters in diameter is thick enough to paint wide area at a time. The pencil 7.8 milliliter in diameter is easy to hold and thus the hand drawing is not so exhaustive.
    4.Able to draw on watercolor, gouache, and acrylic color
    It can be used together with watercolor or acrylic color, for it fixes well to any kind of paper.
    Available in 8 different set.

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    Holbein Acrylic Ink / 1pc
    • Holbein Acrylic ink, is the next modification of Holbein Aeroflash Liquid Acrylics. which are professional-quality colors with exceptional brilliance and permanence. They contain high-density pigments ground to fine-grain size (0.001–0.004 mm) in an acrylic resin manufactured to the uniform viscosity most suitable for airbrush use.
    • The result is deep, clear colors of non-toxic archival permanence that will not clog even a 0.1 mm aperture airbrush or tech pen. The colors may also be used with a brush.
    • This Acrylic ink utilizes a pure watersoluble acryl base that ensures no shift in color tone from wet to dry. It can be diluted with water, but is water-resistant when dry.

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    Holbein Acrylic Ink Iridescence / 1pc

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    Holbein Artists' Watercolors (sold by SET) / 1 set

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    Holbein Artist Watercolor Travel Kit / 1 set
    Holbein's Pro Compo Mini Watercolor Travel Kit is a compact, folding kit
    with 12 colors of Holbein Artist Watercolor.

    Available in two choice : solid color dan tube

    Holbein Palm Box set is a halp pan style water color comes with portable
    plastic case including retractable brush (size 8)
    Available in 18, 24, and 36 color set.

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    Holbein Artists' Gouache (Opaque Water Colors) (sold by SET) / 1 set
    This Holbein artist watercolor has a opaque color that stands different and gives unique color compared to transparent watercolor.
    Available in 4 set : 12 color, 18 color, 24 color, 84 color.

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    Holbein Half Pan Artist Watercolor( sold by 3) / 1 set ( 3 pan)
    Brilliant and beautiful, Holbein Artist Half Pan Watercolor has been produced for all those who enjoy watercolor portability.

    Available in 48 colors, Holbein Artist Pan Watercolor uses the highest concentration of pigment possible while affording the user great ease in re-wet ability.

    Holbein uses a combination of both traditional and modern pigments, ensuring that Holbein Half Pan Watercolor offer exceptional brilliance, excellent lightfast ratings and crisp, clean results without muddiness!

    Each open stock pan contains a magnetic strip to secure placement and hold onto any steel folding travel palette.

    NOTE : this product sold in a pack of 3 pcs half pan (price if for 3 pcs same color)

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    Holbein Masking Ink /1pc
    Ink for resisting watercolors

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    Holbein Masking Ink Cleaner /1pc
    This is cleaner for removing masking liquid which had hardened on the brush etc
    40 ml bottle, with a finger stand spring

  • 40ml
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    Holbein Water Color Medium /1pc
    It is a medium series dedicated to watercolor painting and watercolor painting that extends the expression power of artists and the range of techniques.
    Various expressions that could not be made with water alone are born.

  • 60ml
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    Holbein Painting Solvent /1pc

  • 200ml
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    Holbein Retarding Medium ( retarder ) /1pc
    Retarding Medium is intended to slow the drying time of acrylic paints. One or two drops will keep paints fresh on the palette.

  • 180ml
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    Holbein Acrylic Gel Mediums / 1pc
    • Holbein Acrylic Gel Mediums offer professional quality at an affordable price. When mixed with acrylic paints, they give you a myriad of different ways to alter texture, sheen, transparency, viscosity, and depth.
    • Like all Holbein art materials, these mediums are formulated to meet some of the most stringent quality standards in the industry. They are packaged in unique, freestanding poly bags — tough, durable, and better for the environment than standard rigid plastic containers.
    • High Solid Gel Medium — Mix this gel with acrylic paint and it will hold brushstrokes, knife marks, peaks, and valleys in your paint surface.
    • Heavy Body Gel Medium — Thicken acrylic paints, increase their gloss level, and make them more transparent with Heavy Body Gel Medium, which holds high peaks and brushstrokes.
    • Soft Body Gel Medium — This medium imparts a soft, cream-like consistency to acrylic paints and improves their flow. It's great for pouring, puddling, and spattering techniques.

  • 300ml
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    Holbein : PanPastel (SET color) /1set
    • SET 30051 - 30058 : sold in a SET of 5 colors (9ml each) and include the brush set

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    Holbein Meltz /1pc
    Able to paint like watercolor painting with Meltz
    You can paint a picture with the colored pencils in advance and dissolve and gradate it with Meltz.
    Then the completed picture looks like watercolor painting.

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    holbein : Aquash Water Brush / 1pc
    Holbaine watercolor pen The pen is a handy watercolor pen that can wash the brush at any time without using brushwork just by extruding water, if you put water in the handle (container).

  • Maximum diameter 13mm
    Length 180mm
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    Holbein brush NA series /1pc
    A specially processed nylon brush that can be used for multiple purposes such as acrylic and watercolor. It is well aligned with the paint and is suitable for tall paint (acrylic) and hobby. made in Japan. It has a long tip and a good amount of paint, so you can draw long strokes with a curved line.

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    Holbein Palette : usable for left-handed and right-handed / 1pc
    Keep paint and accessories at your fingertips with this durable Holbein
    palette in hand.
    It has thumb hole, and spacious paint wells, spaces for brushes-enough space
    for mixing many-many color
    It can be used by both left- and right-handed painters.

  • .
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    Holbein : Brush Washers /1pc
    Because plastic brush washers are light, they are convenient to carry.

    In order to use a lot of water to make Japanese paintings and watercolors, you need a brush washer as large as possible.
    The brushwasher made of pottery is heavier than plastic and resin, so it is hard to fall on the desk and dirt is easily removed.

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    Holbein Artist Oil Color
    The oil color is made by kneading pigments with plant oil such as poppy oil,
    and linseed oil. The pigments are encapsulated by the oil, and this oil is
    exposed to air and oxidized to make the oil color hard. It is due to such a
    chemical change that oil color does not dry right away even if oil painting
    is completed.
    Holbein's oil paint is the highest-class product that is created from
    carefully selected pigments and plant oil.

    Characteristic :

    Stable paint film
    Oil is turning into a high molecular polymer by the chemical change.
    Elegant color
    The transparency of color is high.
    Excellent light resistance
    It is exposure to ultraviolet rays that mainly causes paint changes and also
    color fading.

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    Holbein artists' acrylic polymer emulsion opaque colors ACRYLA GOUACHE/ set
    What is Acryla Gouache?
    It is the opaque acrylic color. It is no longer dissolved in water once dried and fixed, although it can be diluted with water. The dry screen covers underlying color and the surface becomes matting


    Never dissolved in water once dried, although it can be diluted with water.
    It is necessary to wash the brush with water and add water to Acryla Gouache when Acryla Gouache is diluted. It is never dissolved in water once dried.
    Dry fast, so making the work is speedy.
    It dries in 20 to 30 minutes, so making the work is quick.
    Plentiful media support a variety of expression.
    Plentiful media such as gesso, and modeling paste are available, and thus a variety of expression is possible.
    Munsell evaluation or score is printed on each tube.
    Munsell score is printed on each tube, so it is convenient for color control. Excellent light resistance
    It is made from only excellent pigments with little fading property.
    Size per tube 20ml

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