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Mr.Clay ( Light weight stone clay ) / 1pc

Ultra-lightweight, exceptional strength stone clay.
Used widely by sculptor and professionals for making figures etc.

  • Material: Stone powder clay
  • Usage : Figure, doll, prototype, diorama etc.

  • Size: 300 gram
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    Mr.Clay 2 ( Oil based clay for mold making ) / 1pc

    Moderate hardness and stickiness, and excellent workability.
    Good for making prototype etc.

  • Size: 500 gram
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    Gundam marker Eraser pen / 1pc

    ID: 14501 Stock: 10 ¥
    Modelling Brush : Mr.Hobby / 1pc

    Mr.Brush is the world’s first panting brush for use in model kit, hobby and art, which has a handle made of silicone rubber.
    Silicone rubber handle has an appropriate elasticity that fit in your fingers, easy to hold and keep your fingers from getting fatigue from long time working.
    Bristle is made from special material PBT (synthetic fiber) that is elastic and durable. This PBT bristle solves the problem the conventional animal hair such as Kolinsky sable and horsehair has with.

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    Mr.Paint tray / 1set (10pcs)

    1 set 10 pcs

    ID: 15934 Stock: 3 ¥
    Mr. Measuring paint cup tray /1set

    Plastic type. Perfect for measuring and mixing your paints! Includes metered markings on the sides. Set includes 6 cups.

    ID: 15935 Stock: 2 ¥
    Mr Hobby : Mr Masking Sol R Water-base Type / 1 pc

    “Masking Sol”, is a masking product that is easy to apply, trim and peel. It is water soluble and can be thinned with tap water for extended use. Use water to wash out brushes. This item has the same properties of, and replaces M131 which has been discontinued.

  • Size: 20ml
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    Mr Hobby : Mr Masking Sol NEO / 1 pc

    This is a water-soluble product, so when it thickens during usage, you can thin it out with tap water for extended use.
    Use Mr. Masking Sol NEO to paint over areas you want to mask, peel away the excess film with a knife when dry, and paint as desired over the surface then remove the film. Can also be used on any painted surface. Great for making layered paint jobs possible.

  • Size: 20ml
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    Mr.Precise Chisel / 1pc

    ID: 18611 Options
    Stock: 9 ¥
    Mr. Line Chisel / 1pc

    Mr. Line Chisel features a comfortable grip to help you with all your chiseling needs. Includes a 0.3mm line chisel bit
    Replacements available separately, see option.

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    Stock: 20 ¥
    Mr Hobby : Mr Compound / 1 pc

    How to use Mr.COMPOUND (liquid version):

    1. Using a soft cloth, wipe dirt and grime from the surface you want to polish.
    2. Apply a small amount of Mr.COMPOUND to the nonwoven fabric provided or to a soft cloth.
    3. Without applying force, lightly and thoroughly polish the surface.
    4. Wash water or neutral detergent out of the surface after you polish.

  • Size : 25ml
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    Stock: 2 ¥
    Mr.Hobby : Pro-Spray Mk-2 / 1 set

    Very basic single-action airbrush that is perfect for beginners starting out airbrushing. Great for large blocks of color application such as car bodies and priming. Comes with a simple to use airbrush, air hose, regulator and a can of propellant. Airbrush is sized so that standard bottle sizes from other companies can be fitted directly to the unit.
    Not recommended for fine detail work.

    NOTE : Because of the regulation of air shipping, we CAN NOT ship this product if contains the "Air can"
    We can ship only if we take out the Air can (because it contains pressure gas).
    Before buying make sure you can get the air can in your country, or.. you use it with ordinary air compressor.

  • Size: 25.5 x 16.5 x 6.7 cm / 610g
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    Mr Hobby : Mr.Air Hose / 1 pc

    • It's very elastic and made from urethane.

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    Mr.Hobby : Mr.Stand ( Air brush stand ) / 1pc

    This stand is accessories for Mr.Airbrush.

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    Mr. Airbrush & Pro-Spray cleaning bottle / 1pc

    • For use for cleaning Airbrush or Pro-Spray
    • This bottle includes 2 nozzles, one for use with airbrush and one for use with Pro-spray

  • Size: 10.6 x 11.3 x 8.6 cm / 400g
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    Mr Hobby Clear Transparant Bond / 1 Set

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    Mr.Hobby Cutting Mat /1pc

    A must-have item for model making, a cutting mat, appeared from the Mr.HOBBY brand.
    -Black + white, excellent visibility design. As it penetrates well into Mr. masking tape,
    It is possible to cut out straight lines accurately even in freehand.
    -Print the corresponding scale from 1/12 to 1/700 on 4 sides.
    · A3 SIZE also supports cutting out large format sheets. There are many design patterns.
    · 2mm thickness made of PVC resin

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    Mr. Hobby Painting Support Tools : #GT34 Neko No Te II / 1set

    This is a simple and useful base to put your tool's painting and coating.

    Set content:

    • clip×6
    • hand stick ×6
    • hook c type ×6
    • base

    ID: 13602 Stock: 3
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    Mr.Brush Stand ( with Flexible Arm ) / 1pc

    ID: 15971 Stock: 1
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    Mr. Polisher Pro GSI Creos GT07

    Mr Polisher PRO GSI Creos GT07 from Mr Hobby. Easy to use for your polishing job.Do your hobby wthout no longer burdened you with heavy mind

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    Mr.Hobby Cordless Polisher GT08 : 3000 / 1unit

    Electric Cordless Polisher II (include 2 attachment, with water-resistant paper)GT08
    br> Use two AAA alkaline dry battery.

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    c.1 : White

    c.2 : Black

    c.3 : Red

    c.4 : Yellow