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Crop-A-Dile Power Punch / 1pc

Easily punch through paper, thick book board, thin tin, leather, and more with the same power as the Crop-A-Dile punch and an amazing 2” reach. Choose from the “standard” ¼” size or the 1/16” size for more detailed work. Use the adjustable alignment guides for precision punching, and the built-in waste bin for easy clean up.
New this year is our Power Punch Euro Hook tool. Create your own retail packaging to conveniently hang on a display using the Euro Hook Punch. With the same strength as the Crop-A-Dile, it’s easy to punch through thick book board, thin tin, leather, and more, with an amazing 1½" reach. It’s the perfect tool for retail, organization, scrapbooking, and more.

** Color may vary. **

  • size
    • Hole punch:160x70x25mm
    • Euro hook punch:160x70x35mm
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    Mini 8 Punch / 1pc

    In as little as eight punches around the paper, ordinary paper becomes unique and decorative. It combines a corner and border punch in one tool to create an outer cut, inner cut or a combination of both. Ideal for use with 6"x6" paper.

  • weight:500gram
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    Crop-A-Dile III : Squeeze Corners / 1set (8pc)

    You need Crop-A-Dile III (id: 12766) and the Main Squeeze (id: 12767)
    (sold separately)
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    Crop-A-Dile III : Die cutting plates / 1set

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    Crop-A-Dile III : Embossing Plates / 1 set

    Transform a straightforward design into a stunner by adding an embossed icon or border to your project.
    (design size: 1-1/4" x 1-1/4")
    For use with the Crop-A-Dile III Main Squeeze Tool, sold separately.

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    Crop-a-dile Corner chomper / 1pc

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    We R Memory Keepers Weeding tool /1set

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    Evolution Advance ( Die-Cutting and Embossing Machine ) / 1set

    The universal crafting platform for die-cutting, embossing, and letterpressing, just got even better. It’s still lightweight and works with most leading brand die-cuts and embossing folders. Now it’s easier to use with an attachable motor (sold separately) and a height adjustment gear system that automatically adjusts to fit each project. This means you no longer have to figure out which mat combinations are needed. The suction cup feet are perfect for no slip cranking and the easy fold up design and build in storage make it a perfect on-the-go tool. The Evolution Advanced kit includes a large 6x13” cutting and embossing platform, two mats, and a bonus Nesting Die .

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    Evolution Advanced Motor / 1set

    You love your Evolution Advanced machine and all the stunning projects you can make with just a few turns of the crank. Love it even more with this attachable motor. It turns your machine into a motorized version of itself so you can make gorgeous crafts quickly and easily.

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    Sew Easy Stitch Piercer Handle & Needle / 1set

    Want to add stitching to your project without having to drag out the sewing machine? It is Sew Easy! The rotary stitch piercer creates perfectly aligned holes that can easily be stitched up.

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    Sew Easy Stitch Piercer (Head Only) / 1pc

    Use with Sew Easy Stitch Piercer/Handle/Needle (ID:13046) .

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    Sew Easy Large Stitch Piercer (Head Only) / 1pc

    Use with Sew Easy Stitch Piercer/Handle/Needle (ID:13046) .

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    Eyelet color for decoration (Standard) / pack 60pc

    Each package contains 15 each of 4 colors. They have a 3/16" center and 1/3" head.

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    Magnetic Cutting Mat & Ruler 18" Teal /1set

    Let the power of the magnet in We R Memory Magnetic products help you keep things in place while you craft. Whether you are simply cutting a piece of paper, or laying out an entire scrap book page design, you'll appreciate the extra "hand" that the magnet gives you. Cutting Mat & Ruler 18" Teal- Set includes a Teal 18"x 14" double sided, self-healing, magnetic mat, with inch and metric markings in White, and an 18" metal ruler, with inch and metric measurements in Teal.
    Combination of magnetic mat and metal ruler will hold down what you're cutting. Also includes 4 magnetic "posts" for additional hold and control.

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    Paper trimmer : Magnetic Twist trimmer / 1set

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    We R Memory Keepers Large Hand Tools Kit / 1set

    Get a straight edge every time with this easy-to-use paper trimmer that includes both scoring and cutting blades. Cuts up to 12" papers. The trimmer lets you score and cut in both directions, so it's great for both right- and left-handed crafters.

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    Magnetic Circle Cutter II Refill pack / 1set

    Choose from a wide selection of We R Memory Tools designed specifically to help you with your crafting projects. You'll wonder how you ever managed without them. Magnetic Circle Cutter 2 Refill- Pack includes 3 blades and 3 pencils that will keep your Circle Cutter II(sold separately), sharp and ready to cut or draw circles. Keep out of reach of children.

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    123 Punch Board / 1set

    We R Memory Keepers-123 Punch Board. Create envelopes, boxes and bows. The score board features a fold out arm with measurements and extended score line. This 9-1/2x12x2 inch package contains one score board with a 3-way punch, one scoring tool and one idea book with step by step instructions.

    ** Color may vary. **

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    Punch Board / 1pc

    With the release of the award-winning Envelope Punch Board, We R Memory Keepers have helped crafters make the outside of a package count just as much as the inside. The release of a series of Punch Boards continues to do just that. Punch Boards make it easy, not to mention cost effective, to create party bags and boxes simply by punching and scoring using any paper. Create bags and boxes in a variety of sizes and use them for special occasions such as baby and wedding showers, birthdays, holidays, party favors, and more. Use the Punch Boards to create Gift Bags, Gift Boxes, Pillow Boxes, and Candy Boxes.

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    Envelope Punch Board / 1pc

    Now it’s even easier to create custom envelopes in over 60 different sizes with any size paper. By eliminating the need to trim and measure the paper multiple times, the Envelope Punch Board is the easiest-to-use envelope maker in the industry.
    To use:

  • Simply select the envelope size, trim the paper once,
  • Follow the grid printed on the board to punch the envelope notches.
  • Finally, score and fold the envelope using the included bone folder, which is conveniently stored on the Envelope Punch Board itself.
  • For an extra touch, round each corner of the envelope using the punch located on the opposite side of the tool.

    **The color may vary.**


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  • TO-CUTT-337W4
    Envelope Notcher / 1pc

    Create notches envelope. Now that you have created your envelope with the Punch Board (id.16367), you can make the flap close without using any adhesive.
    The magnetic Envelope Notcher allows for easy alignment, creating small notches on almost any size envelope. When used on a tri-fold card, envelope, or other folding paper piece, the notch creates a secure latch that doesn't require glue.

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    Alphabet Punch Board / 1set

    Alphabet punch board / one set
    It can be cut to the shape of the letters and numbers on a single board.
    Parties and scrapbooking, such as the welcome board in various scenes!

    Character size of about 13x7.5cm

    ID: 16417 Stock: 2 ¥
    We R Tab Punch Board / 1set

    Creat perfectly spaced small, medium and large tabs on any sheet from 4in to 12in includes corner rounder and cut system for precise finishing.

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    We R Hole Punch Board / 1set

    Create the perfect planner for scheduling your days, weeks and month. The Planner Punch Board works with all popular planners; standard hole, disc and spiral. The punches are interchangeable for easy customization. Punches lock together for storage when not in use. Planner Punch Board comes with standard hole punches. Disc Punch Inserts (660714) and Spiral Punch Inserts (662395) are also available.

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    Crop-A-Dile Hole Punch & Eyelet Setter / 1pc

    Crop-A-Dile is an innovative tool with many uses...
    It does all these tasks without separate attachments

    • To Make holes 3.2mm(1/8")& 4.8mm(3/16") even in METAL and BOOKBOARD
    • To Set 3.2mm(1/8")& 4.8mm(3/16") eyelets, and sets those flat-top eyelets often called snaps.

    The hole punching features are especially convenient... the Crop-A-Dile punches a perfect hole in metal lunchboxes, tins and metal embellishments! The hole punch "arm" has an opening in it, so you can see through that little window to position the punched hole exactly where you need it.

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