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Transparent Clay / 1pc
  • Material : environmentally Silicone
  • Characteristic : Transparent and highly flexible.
    This clay is difficult to break even when hardened.
    it is also environmentally friendly. The clay starts hardening when added with a hardener. (hardening agent ratio is 20:1. )
  • Pot life is 2 to 4 hours. Cure time is 24 to 48 hours.
  • Coloring : Acrylic paint or oil paint for coloring.
  • Usage : glass like beads, whatever which need transparent.
  • Packing : 50gr + 2.5gr hardening agent.
Note: The material is like a block of transparent rubber where you can cut or shape it and when you had add hardener it will start to harden.
it is like clay (not liquid) compared with Sukerukun the result is more flexible (like rubber)

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Air dry clay : Grace 200gram / 1pc
  • Material : resin type (polymer) clay
  • Characteristic : Superior transparency.
    Grace is easy to thin out and maintains excellent elasticity even when dried. (=the clay is also characterized by its strength against cracking.)
    Translucent Slightly elastic after dried. Able to mixed with acrylic paint, oil paint.
    Air-dry within 2 to 3 days.
  • Usage : flower making, figurines, and miniatures.
  • Packing : 200g(100g×2)

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Lightweight clay : Grace light weight 120gram / 1pc

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Lightweight clay : Grace super light weight 160gram / 1pc

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Air dry clay : Grace Jewelry Line 200gram / 1pc

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Air dry clay : Grace Jewelry Line Flex 200gram / 1pc

ID: 3592
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Glue for Grace Jewelry line / 1pc

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Air dry clay : Cosmos / 1pc
  • Material : resin type (polymer) clay
  • Characteristic : Flexible and elastic.
    The clay stretches well and its natural white color makes it perfect for craftwork with texture like a porcelain flower.
    The level of transparency in the clay increases when dried.
    and is also characterized by the elasticity in its finish
  • Coloring : with any type of paint as well as various types of colored clay.
  • Usage : Porcelain look flowers and accessories.
  • Packing : 125gr / 250gr

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Pan Flower Clay : Farinetta / 1pc
"Pan Flower Clay" is clay made mainly from flour.
  • Material : Wheat flour
  • Characteristic : Farinetta is fast-drying clay made from wheat flour and geared toward handicrafts. With excellent ductility and shapability, the clay can be applied across a wide range of crafts/ craft materials such as pan flower/ reliefs. Bright colors can be attained by mixing with colored clay or oil paint.
  • Coloring : Oil paint
  • Packing : 250gram (125gram x 2)

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Pan Flower Clay : Neo Farinetta / 1pc
"Pan Flower Clay" is clay made mainly from flour.
  • Material : Wheat flour
  • Characteristic : “Neo Farinetta” is a type of clay which combines the superior handling, easy shaping, and beautiful coloring strongly sought after in pan flower clay. Neo Farinetta is characterized by an unprecedented softness and a hint of transparency that appears when the clay dries. Though developed for pan flower, the clay can be used on other types of craftwork.
  • Coloring : Oil paint
  • Packing : 250gram (125gram x 2)

ID: 2907
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Pan Flower Clay : Fresh / 1pc
"Pan Flower Clay" is clay made mainly from flour.
  • Material : Cereal flour
  • Characteristic : Fresh is a new type of clay made from cereal flour. The viscous property of the clay enables it to be rolled out into thin layers, thus making craft work light and clear. The clay is perfect for making brooches, small flowers, and corsages.
  • Coloring : Oil paint or colored clay
  • Packing : 240gram (120gram x 2)

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Mainetta /1pc

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Mainetta Doll /1pc

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Grace Whip Cream type clay : SOFT type / 1pc
  • Material : Resilient cream type
  • Characteristic : High quality, light weight resin clay that is great for making Cute Miniature Fake Foods, Jewelry, Flowers and More.
  • This type is a softer than the regular type.
  • Coloring : acrylic or oil based craft paints
  • Usage : making miniature ice cream, topping for cake etc
  • Packing : 100g or 3.5 oz and will make fillings or topping for many miniature foods. Keep unused portion in an airtight container! This clay dries quickly so make sure you wrap the unused portion before storing in an airtight container.
  • Pastry bag and the tip NOT INCLUDED.
  • Note: Usually takes 2-3 days to dry, has minimal shrinkage, moisture resistant and holds very fine detail. You will be able to put toppings on hundreds of tiny sweets with this clay.

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Whipped cream clay tip / 1pc
Material : steel
6-S : size 4mm
8-S : size 4mm
8-M : size 7mm
8-L : size 8mm

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Clay tools : Padico Stainless Spatula / 1pc
Stainless steel tool won't rust, and are easy to keep clean. This double ended design tool offers a wide variety of texturing: a blunt needle tool on one end and a curved burnisher on the other. It is a "Must-have" tool like spatulas for clay craft.

  • Size: (Length)165mm
  • ID: 16608
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    Clay tools : Nisshin Stainless Spatula / 1pc
    Clay is unlikely to adhere, is an integral crafted stick to modeling

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    Mini-press ( with Matt ) / 1pc
    Place the clay on the mat, press with this mini tool to flatten or make it thinner. Matt is non stick type. (clay won't easily stick on it)

  • Press size :12.5x10cm
    Matt Size : 16x16cm
  • ID: 5803
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    Clay Cutter : Kato Nu Blade polymer clay cutter / 1pc
    The Kato Nu Blade is a 150mm (6inch) stainless steel blade with molded on
    handles for safer- controlled clean cutting of polymer clay
    For safer, controlled cuts; makes both straight and curved cuts.
    Permanently attached handles provide added control for perfect cuts and
    both finger safety.

  • Size : about 17.3 × 2.4cm
  • Stainless steel Made in USA

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  • FN-CL-PP0111A
    Jewelry Powder for Grace Jewelry line / 1pc
    Jewelry Powders for Grace can be mixed into any media and applied to any surface! And the variety of finishes Jewelry Powders can produce is nearly endless—from metallic sheens to pearlescent shimmers to all manner of faux finishes. Can be use on polymer clay.
    It is a safe and non-toxic, inert powdered pigment with a neutral pH. It is extremely colour fast and stable — it will not tarnish or fade and is therefore ideal for archival applications.
    How to apply :
    Coat the clay with Glue for Grace Jewelry line (id. 15575) then let it dry approx.5 minutes then apply the Jewelry Powders.

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    Clay Scissor / 1pc
    for Pan Flower
    This scissor is coated with iron fluoride, which makes suitable for working with clay, since clay won't stick on its blade. But not suitable for Stone powder clay.

    (Large) blade is thin, it is suitable to cut large and thin.
    (Small) blade is thin, it is suitable for the fine work.

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    Mold for clay : Leaf & Petal green series / 1pc
    This mold is made with great detail, so you can make clay flower arangement with almost like real leaf in size and shape.
    Made of durable break resistant high density plastic

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    Mold for clay : Leaf & Petal white series / 1pc
    This mold is made with great detail, so you can make clay flower arangement with almost like real leaf in size and shape.
    Made of durable break resistant high density plastic

  • Size:65-75mm
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    Resin injector / 1pc
    You can use Resin injector for a 3D type mold and openwork type mold.

  • Length : 13cm
    Package size: 17.5x8.5cm
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    108 Rose bud ( 3 d )