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Shinwa Pencil fot Architecture / 3pcs
It is a professional-grade smooth writing taste.

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Shinwa Digital Temperature
Power / AAA alkaline batteries × 2 battery life continuous use for 14 hours
Output : 1mW within (JIS Class 2 )
Temperature measurement range : minus 60 to 500 degrees
Operating temperature : 0 to 50 degrees
Measurement accuracy : plus or minus 2% or plus or minus 2 degrees
( adaptation of the higher number)
Distance: measurement size diameter / 12: 1
Product Dimensions 22.1 x 12.9 x 5 cm
Product Dimensions 22.1 x 12.9 x 5 cm

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Shinwa Calipers
A caliper is a device used to measure the distance between two opposite sides of an object. A caliper can be as simple as a compass with inward or outward-facing points. The tips of the caliper are adjusted to fit across the points to be measured, the caliper is then removed and the distance read by measuring between the tips with a measuring tool, such as a ruler.

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Square Cut Guide / 1pc
The most difficult part of cutting wood to length with a circular or jig saw, is accurately aligning the saw blade to our pencil mark. Unlike a standard square, the Square Cut Guide allowing you to instantly align your saw blade to the pencil mark and make perfect 90-Degree cuts, time after time.
No-slip rubber feet and a little gentle pressure hold the Square Cut Guide in place. Made of durable, impact resistant aluminium. Perfect for any brand of circular saw or jig saw.
Supports work pieces up to 150mm wide
Low-profile design won't interfere with saw
Weight: 250 gr

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Free Angle Circular Saw Guide / 1pc
  • For making precission angle cutting
  • Body made from Rust proof Stainless steel
  • Quickly adjustable

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Vernier Caliper (Nogisu) SHINWA brand / 1pc
This is a high quality and precision dial pocket and digital caliper series from Shinwa manufacture.
These caliper tools are designed as per the defined quality standards and quality tested by expert professionals to ensure zero defect in the products and are widely used in various industries like Automation, Cement, Chemical, Water treatment process plants and Construction.
Comprehensively used for measuring various parameters like, height, width, diameter and others of many small objects.

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Scribe pen ( Kegaki pen ) / 1 pc
Capable of producing extremely sensitive lines, these etching needles and scribes taper to fine points and are intended for use on grounded plates

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Wing compass (divider) / 1pc
  • Industrial grade, very hard and sharp points. can be used to scribe circles, mark divisions (divide a given distance), or simply mark a distance.

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Compass Attachment
With this compass attachment you can pencil or ballpoint to draw circle
or draw another project easily. Easy to use and fit for many type ofcompass.

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Marking tool : Ink line marker / 1pc
Japanese Ink Lines (Sumitsubo)
The Sumitsubo is one of the most important marking tools used by the master Japanese carpenter. Similar in function to the Western chalk line, it is used to mark thin, straight lines on wood and other materials. A fine silk line is drawn out through an ink soaked wad of cotton, tensioned and then snapped against the workpiece. This allows you to mark very long (up to 10 m), fine and exceptionally accurate lines. Can also serve as a plumb line.
  • With a sealed ink reservoir to prevent ink from leaking out or drying up.
  • Automatic spring-loaded recoil with locking mechanism.
  • Unbreakable plastic body and thread bob

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Shinwa Stainless steel rules / 1pc

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Ruler stopper / 1pc

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Shinwa Stainless Steel Square rules / 1pc

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Shinwa Sokutei Safety Cutter Guide / 1pc

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Triangular Scales ruler / 1pc
Change units quickly and easily by rotating dial at either end of scale—no need to move the scale from the work surface.
15 cm1/50·1/100·1/200·1/250·1/5001/300
30 cm1/100·1/200·1/250·1/5001/300·1/600

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precision square ruler / 1pc

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Miter Layout Gauge / 1pc
Make layout easier scribe perfect 45 and 90 cutlines at the same time! Ideal for picture frames, corner molding, and various box constructions, this precise gauge also works to prep saw blades or drill presses for angled jobs.
A balanced, wide-face design adds remarkable stability, while interior windows make marking parallel lines fast and easy. Made from polycarbonate.
Additional features:
  • Great for marking as well as angle checking
  • Windows in each face add versatility (ideal for marking parallels)
  • Three scales allow for precise distance measurement (metric only)
  • Weighs just 44 grams (roughly 3.2 ounces)
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  • TO-MSR-1181A3
    Miter Layout Gauge ( Stainless steel ) / 1pc

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    Contour gauge ( stainless ) Shinwa brand / 1pc
    Copy and measure any irregular shape by pressing gauge against the contour to be copied. When removed, a perfect pattern has been produced for cutting, matching or checking dimensions. Ideal for fitting floor tiles and carpet around molding and pipes. Also used for checking wood parts against drawings.

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    Shinwa Protractor / 1 pc

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    Shinwa digital protractor
    Feature :
    Digital display for numerical value
    Hold function so you never forget a measurement
    Measurement range
    Angle : 0.0 ° ~ 359.9 °
    Length : 0 ~ 395mm
    Angle : ± 0.3 °
    Length : 200mm ± 0.2mm or less
    ( Two of the range that does not cross a straight length portion)
    Minimum scale
    Angle : 0.1 °
    Length : 1mm

    Power : one lithium battery CR2032 ×

    Auto power off : about 5 minutes in a non-operation state

    Battery life : about 2,000 hours

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    Hand held weighing scale / 1pc

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    Shinwa Spring Tape Measure / 1pc
    • Auto Retractable Spring Tape Measure.
      ( when finished simply press the button to retract the tape.)
    • Flexing soft tape measure double sides ruler.( metric ruler )
    • Tape: Made of a fibreglass material
    • Tape length: 60” (1.5m)
    • Tape width: 8mm

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    Manual Hand Tally Mechanical Palm Click Counter ( 4 digit Shinwa brand ) / 1pc

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