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Flower Drying Silica Gel / 1 pack
  • Preserve lifetime memories and capture nature's transient beauty of flowers with this Silica Gel flower drying compound
  • Specially designed with a very fine consistency, it will absorb moisture without damaging flowers, altering the colors or changing their form
  • Preserve special wedding memories, make home décor and holiday decorations; the process is simple, easy-to-use and fun; a great family project
  • Eeasy to use; most flowers dry in 2-5 days

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Tsukineko Versacraft Inkers / 1pc

  • Size: 37×19×67mm
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    Book Sutekina Teori -using SAKIORI- (Japanese) /1pc

    • Size: 21 x 14.9 cm
    • Page: 24
  • ID: 19796

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    BOOK Mini Motif embroidery thread 100 (Japanese) / pc
    Let's make pretty small motif using embroidery thread.

    • ISBN: 978-4-02-190498-1
    • Size: 25.7 x 21 cm
    • Page: 80
  • ID: 14163

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    Book Kawaii and Sukkiri Clothes for Pocchari-san (Japanese) / pc

    • ISBN: 978-4-14-031184-4
    • Size: 25.6 x 21.1cm
    • Page: 71 + patterns
  • ID: 19683

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    Book Miniature of Leather (Japanese) / pc

    • ISBN: 978-4-309-27311-2
    • Size: 21 x 19 cm
    • Page: 80
  • ID: 19688

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    Book Accessories fo UV resin clay (Japanese) / pc
    You can learn how to make accessories using UV resin clay.

    • ISBN: 978-4-309-28345-6
    • Size: 24 x 18.3 cm
    • Page: 80
  • ID: 19764

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    Book Smartphone Cover Book of Clay Sweets Decoration (Japanese) /1pc
    You can learn how to make cute covers for smartphones.

    • ISBN: 978-4-309-28415-6
    • Size: 25.6 x 18.2 cm
    • Page: 79
  • ID: 7138

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    BOOK Wa No Kirigami 200 Sen (japanese) / pc

    • ISBN: 978-4-416-31438-8
    • Size: 21cm x 18.2cm
    • Page: 272
  • ID: 14142

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    Book Basics of Tsumami Zaiku (Japanese) / pc
    Ichiban Yokuwakaru Tsurushi Kazari No Kiso

    • ISBN: 978-4-529-05016-6
    • Size: 25.8 x 21.2 cm
    • Page: 120
  • ID: 19779

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    BOOK Irish Crochet Lace (Japanese) / pc
    Book of Irish Crochet Lace for beginners.
    You can learn how to make rose flowers and leaves, shamrock, grapes with crochet.
    You can use them as corsages, hair accessories, pouches etc.

    • ISBN: 978-4-529-05082-1
    • Size: 25.8 x 21.2cm
    • Page: 96
  • ID: 14030

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    Book Easy to make, Chrimen Kazari and Tsumami Zaiku (Japanese) / pc

    • ISBN: 978-4-529-05155-2
    • Size: 25.6 x 21.1 cm
    • Page: 88
  • ID: 19780

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    Book Various Kinds of Gamaguchi (Japanese) / pc

    • ISBN: 978-4-529-05234-4
    • Size: 25.8 x 21.2 cm
    • Page: 80 + patterns
  • ID: 19789

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    Book Miniature Sandwiches (Japanese) / pc

    • ISBN: 978-4309285344
    • Size: 24 x 18 cm
    • Page: 79
  • ID: 12833

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    Book Disney Zamzam Beaded Motifs (Japanese) / 1pc

    • ISBN: 978-4834739848
    • Size: 25.6 x 20.8 cm
    • Page: 65
  • ID: 10314

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    Book Clay Craft ( with DVD ) / 1pc

    • ISBN: 978-4-87281-152-0
    • Size: 25 x 18.7 cm
    • Page: 47
  • ID: 10279

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    Book Sweets Decorina Part 2 (Japanese) /1pc

    • ISBN: 978-4-944101-58-0
    • Size: 25.8 x 18.3 cm
    • Page: 63
  • ID: 12837

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    Mechanical pencyl : Uni Kuru Toga series / 1pc
    The Kuru Toga, has a core rotation mechanism that continually rotates the pencil lead as you write. The lead is twisted through a spring-loaded clutch, it works by twisting incrementally every time you lift the pencil up (i.e. during printing words, etc). This allows a uniform wearing of the pencil lead so that it always remains as a pointed tip. Not only does it solve the above problems, but it also gives you an amazingly thin line.
    You are effectively using only 50% of the lead area that you were previously using with your old mechanical pencil. Thus, a 0.3 mm Kuru Toga will write incredibly thin lines and have less breakage than a standard 0.3 mm mechanical pencil. There are several model within Kurutoga
    • Standard model : this is the basic type
    • Roulette model : has a rubber grip , which is ergonomic and easy to handle

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    Mechanical pencyl : Uni-Shift series / 1pc
    The Uni-ball Shift Pipe Lock Mechanical Pencil has a unique shift and lock mechanism that allows you to protect the pencil tip during travels. The upper body shifts forward to create a body transformation as it protects the guide pipe and lead from breakage. The pencil also has a nice weight and features a low center of gravity to allow stable writing and reduce hand fatigue. The finely designed grip is etched with many grooves to offer a non-slip grip, and the guide pipe tip allows great visibility. The upper body is made of plastic while the grip and tip is made of metal.

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    Mechanical pencyl : Uni Alpha Gel Shaka Shaker / 1pc

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    Mechanical pencyl : Pentel / 1 pc
    Graph Gear is a mechanical drafting pencil from Pentel to meet standard demand for both hobbyist and pro needs.
    Other features for pro

    - One click provides lead length equal to the diameter of the lead.
    - Cleanly designed tip allows excellent view as you draw.
    - Graphlet features detachable pocket clip, shielded eraser, and adjustable lead grade indicator.

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    Mechanical pencill : Pentel Orenz / 1 pc
    The Orenz mechanical pencil features 0.2 mm lead for amazingly thin, clean lines. It's great for writing notes, math problems, graphs, and more!
    Despite being so fine, the lead doesn't break as you write, due to the innovative Orenz mechanism. The guide pipe protects the entire length of the lead, and you write without extending the lead out of the guide pipe, which glides right along the surface of the paper. Since it has rounded edges, the guide pipe doesn't catch on the paper or scratch it. As you write, the guide pipe gets shorter. When you need more lead, just click the top button as you would with any other mechanical pencil. The guide pipe will extend again, along with the lead inside.
    Because there's no lead breakage, your papers remain clean without smudges from broken lead dust. You can also retract the guide pipe so it doesn't poke you or your belongings when you've stowed the pencil away.

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    Mechanical pencil : Pentel SMASH drafting pensil 0.5 mm / 1pc
    This rare ultra-weight Pentel drafting pencil has an all black body with a
    matrix of square rubber grips. Balances perfectly in hand and comfortable for
    long drafting job.
    Features a fixed 5 mm guide pipe length, lead indicator, clip and eraser
    under a unique rubber cap.

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    Mechanical pencyl : Pilot
    Pilot's Dr. Grip Play Border Shaker mechanical pencil
    • Pencyl Lead can be extended by simply shaking the pencil up and down! There is no need to let go and re-grip your pencil every time you need to extend lead. The conventional method of clicking down on the cap works too.
    • The rubber grip is soft, ideal for hours of writing, and there is a capped eraser.
    • The pencil's appearance is highly customizable, making it a great gift for office parties, baby showers, and other special events. The three colorful rubber pieces in the grip can be arranged in any order you want.
      Simply remove the pencil tip and clear grip tube, then rearrange the three colored pieces to suit your style. For more creative fun, the upper part of the pencil contains a clear plastic insert that you can decorate. Adhere decorative papers, stickers, printed names, and more to this insert to personalize the pencil. Once you put everything back into the pencil, the clear body protects your decorations and gives them a polished look. Further personalize the pen by hanging unique charms from the loop near the top. Or, simply string a lanyard through the loop to hang the pencil anywhere.

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    Staedtler Mars Leadholder and Leads / 1pack
    Mars technico 780 Leadholder
    • Leadholder for drawing, sketching and writing
    • For 2 mm leads e.g. Mars carbon 200
    • With metal clip, push-button and grip zone
    • Integrated lead sharpener in push-button
    • HB lead

    Mars carbon 200 (E4) Lead
    • Refill leads for leadholder
    • 2 mm lead for use on paper and drawing card
    • Length 130 mm
    • Up to 4 degrees
    • 4 leads per box

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