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Book Beads Collection 1 /1pc
Beginner's beads accessories.
Full color with easy to follow pictures instruction
  • Strap
  • Bracelet
  • Ring
  • Necklace
  • Pendant
  • Choker

    • Size: 17.8 x 17.8cm
    • Page: 48
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    Book Beads Collection 2 /1pc
    Easy beads accessory
    Full color with easy to follow pictures instruction
    • Ring
    • Bracelet
    • Earrings
    • Necklace
    • Choker
    • Glasses Cord

    • Size: 17.8 x 17.8cm
    • Page: 48
  • ID: 11671 Stock: 1
    Book Beads Collection 3. /1pc
    Beads variety Full color with easy to follow pictures instruction
    • Strap
    • Ring
    • Brooch
    • Necklace
    • Choker
    • Rariet

    • Size: 17.8 x 17.8cm
    • Page: 48
  • ID: 11672 Stock: 3
    Book Beads Collection 4 /1pc
    wonderful beads charm
    Full color with easy to follow pictures instruction
    • Sweet
    • Fruit
    • Flower
    • Insect
    • Bag
    • Cube
    • Dress

    • ISBN 978-4-309-28147-6
    • Size: 17.8 x 17.8cm
    • Page: 48
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    Book : How to Create Figure ( Japanese ) / 1 Ex

  • Size : B5
    Page : 143
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    Book Figure no Tatsujin - Dummy Guide to Making Figures (vol 1) / 1pc
    This is the dummy guide to making figures for beginners although the experienced would find the book equally helpful too.
    With plenty of charts and pictures, the book is a step-by-step visual guide on how to make a figure from start to end. Even if you can't understand the kanji, the pictures make it easily understandable.
    What's more, the top sculptors of Kotobukiya such as Shirahige-san gave generous advices at every stage of the figure-making process, making it all the more a must-have for fans. Words of wisdom from the master are priceless.
    This book contains a lot of know-how tips and even secret techniques, and now they are available to the public for the first time and in such detail.
    Highly recommended to all figure collectors even if you don't intend to make any figures. Apart from the amazing value of information, the book helps you appreciate figures more when you know the process behind it and you'd probably want to start making one after reading this book.

    • Size: B5
    • Page: 96
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    Book FLEUR DE SOIE (Japanese) / pc
    Book of Fabric Flowers.
    You can see many pictures of the beautiful flowers.
    How to make for 12 kinds of flowers (Casablanca, Rose, Sunflower, Glove thistle etc...)

    • ISBN: 978-4-902437-48-5
    • Size: 29.8 x 21 cm
    • Page: 128
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    Scotch: ATG Adhesive Applicator / 1pc
    Applies a thin, strong adhesive that bonds instantly. The adhesive goes on easily while removing and rewinding the liner. Adhesive sold separately.

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    Xyron Magic Sticker Maker Machine / 1pc
    • Make stickers out of almost anything... It's Magic! The Magic Sticker Maker provides hours of fun for all ages while creating no mess and using no heat or energy. There is so much you can make the creativity never ends!
    • Turn your own cool designs, photos of friends, celebrity pictures, fabrics – anything at all – into funky stickers! One twist magically turns the item into a high quality sticker with no fuss and no mess! Each sticker maker comes with pre-made sticker shapes to get you started.
    • Include permanent Acid-Free adhesive cartridge 20ft(6.1M)

  • Width : 2 inch
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    Kool Tak Foam / 1pack
    Kool Tak Foam has permanent adhesive on both sides and are acid free, making them the perfect choice for all your projects that require a 3D effect. Cardmaking, decoupage, scrapbooking, stamp art designs, shadow boxes, model making, and more. Bonds paper, cardstock, chipboard, wood, glass, metals, acrylic and you can even embellish them with ribbon, foil, glitter, micro-beads, jewelry beads, and rhinestones. 1/8"x 1/8"x 1/16" White Carded 1360pc- High tack. 1/8" square pads that are 1/16" thick.

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    Fireworks Beginner's Beadmaking Kit / 1set
    With this kit and a few hours of practice, you'll be making your own glass beads of all shapes and colors. The kit includes everything you need to get started.

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    Acrylic Ice Rocks / 1pack
    • Decorative Acrylic Colored Ice Rock Gems for Table Scatter, Embellishing and Crafting-
    • About 50 Pieces
    • Pieces are about 10mm long
    • Acrylic crystals gems look like crushed ice in assorted shapes
    • Perfect for table scatter, Vase Filler, displays, gel candles
    • Add these sparkling gems to your fairy garden or terrarium

  • Package size: (H)115×(W)80×(t)15mm
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    Clay tools : Padico Palette knife / 1pc
    Clay palette knife is one of the essential tools for metal clay work. You'll use it to make, stir and apply paste, to move work from place to place, cut off chunks of clay, etc. Some call this a spatula. Polished stainless steel blade. The blade is very thin and flexible.

  • Size: (Length)205mm
  • ID: 16609 Stock: 1
    Art clay silver Wax mat /1pc
    This is WAX mat, as a base for your clay working.
    Act similar like teflon sheet, but not suitable for HOT application.

  • Size : 16 x 16 cm
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    Easy Squeeze Extruder /1pc
    Easy Squeeze Extruder for use with Precious Metal Clay (PMC) syringes. Makes extruding and controlling your syringe of metal clay easier.

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    Art clay original metal template (A) / 1pc

  • Size:90x55mm
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    Art clay original Stencile sheet (A) / 1pc

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    Amaco Professional Bead Baking Rack / 1set
    The Amaco Professional Bead Baking Rack makes baking polymer clay beads easier than ever. It can also be used as a cane slicer.
    The baking rack is made from heavy-duty aluminum and includes handles. The solid aluminum base allows for flat items to be cured underneath the suspended beads. Pins are also included.

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    Fimo Professional Doll Art (polymer clay) / 1pc
    Color: #44 Beige Semi-Opaque
    FIMO Professional Doll Art polymer clay has been specifically developed for advanced doll makers.

    FIMO Professional Doll Art has been formulated to hold fine detailing well allowing for precise work in miniature. It is a firmer clay and available in porcelain-like semi-opaque shades.

  • Size: 350gram (W55×D30×H155mm)
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    Deco parts : Miniature Cup & Plate / pc

    ID: 12448 Stock: 9
    WigJig parts Peg premium set (18 pegs) / 1set
    Make spirals quickly, easily and without plier marks with the patented WigJig® premium peg set. Insert base peg into a wire jig and start spiraling! Includes six plastic bases with steel pegs and 12 with aluminum pegs and complete instructions. Use one or more wires at a time. Works best with soft wire: copper, brass, sterling silver or dead-soft 14Kt gold-filled. It is more difficult to make tight spirals with half-hard or hard wire. Manufacturer recommendation: peg spiral makers in the premium set are designed to be used with the Cyclops, Delphi and Centaur WigJigs®. Set includes six plastic bases with 1.6mm steel pegs and 12 plastic bases with 1.6mm aluminum pegs in the following sizes: (2) 14.5x12.5mm, (2) 15x4.5mm, (2) 15x6mm, (2) 15x8mm, (2) 15x9mm, (2) 15x11mm, (1) 16x15mm, (1) 19x15mm, (1) 22x21mm, (1) 25.5x15mm, (1) 38x16mm and (1) 51x16mm.

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    Crochet Hook / 1pc

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    One Day Flower vol.3 (Japanese) /1set
    • This book contains DVD instructions on how to create a beautiful flower using air dry clay

    • ISBN: (Book)4-87281-160-7,(DVD)4-87281-161-5
    • Size: (Book)25.2 x 18.7 cm,(DVD)19 x 13.5 cm
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    Robot memo clip / 1set
    With magnet, you can attach to refrigerator or just stand it on table.

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    Photo Insert Waterglobe / 1pc
    Design a water globe! A wonderful gift for children to develop their interest in art.
    How to make a Photo Insert Water Glove : 1.Remove rubber stopper (white small rubber). Fill with heavy glitter (tinsel glitter)and water using a small funnel or make a paper funnel. If you want to make little buble you can fill with baby oil/glyceril 2.Replace the rubber stopper. For more permanent seal just add silicone glue. 3.Insert Your Photo / picture in center side.

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