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Mr Hobby : Mr Masking Sol R Water-base Type / 1 pc

“Masking Sol”, is a masking product that is easy to apply, trim and peel. It is water soluble and can be thinned with tap water for extended use. Use water to wash out brushes. This item has the same properties of, and replaces M131 which has been discontinued.

  • Size: 20ml
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    Mr Hobby : Mr Masking Sol NEO / 1 pc

    This is a water-soluble product, so when it thickens during usage, you can thin it out with tap water for extended use.
    Use Mr. Masking Sol NEO to paint over areas you want to mask, peel away the excess film with a knife when dry, and paint as desired over the surface then remove the film. Can also be used on any painted surface. Great for making layered paint jobs possible.

  • Size: 20ml
  • ID: 13925 Stock: 4
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