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NOVA polishing point / 1 SET ( 4 pcs )
  • NOVA Polishing Points are resin bonded with diamond

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Diamond smoothing disc / 1 set
  • Rubber pad only
    Ini adalah PAD saja, dengan AS ukuran 1/8 inch (3.2mm) dengan ujung PAD dari karet ukuran pad 3/4inch (19mm). Anda bisa pasang Diamond disc (pilih grit yang cocok) di ujung pad ini.
  • Diamond smoothing disc
    Diamond smoothing disc ini harus di pasang di ujung PAD.
    Ada beberapa ukuran grit, pilih sesuai kebutuhan.
    Disc ini di jual per pak isi 3 lembar disc

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Eurotool Flexible shaft system / 1set
This flexible shaft machine has a very powerful 1/4hp motor that is perfect for polishing, sanding, drilling, cleaning and more. Great for hobbyists and craftspeople. It has a carry case making it great for travel and shows. It features...
  • A powerful 1/4hp motor with flexible shaft
  • #30 style Jacob's chuck handpiece
  • A chuck key
  • Replacement pair of motor brushes
  • Electronic variable speed foot control
  • Maximum speed of 22,000rpm
  • Ball bearing design
  • Works other brand's "standard" handpieces
  • Hard plastic carry case
  • Made in China

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Gryphon Gryphette Grinder / 1unit
The Gryphette offers the best value in a glass grinder today. The small enclosure houses a surprisingly powerful DC motor. Even when using 1" diamond bits, it is virtually impossible to stall the motor.
The Gryphette is the perfect grinder for the occasional glass artist, student or classroom. The very low cost and convenient size will be appreciated by everyone who does not require the features of a larger grinder.

Key features of this grinder are:
6 3/4" x 6 3/4" Platform
One Grinder Bit: 3/4" Standard
Accepts all standard bits
DC Motor
RPM: 4350 (+/- 15%)

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BigFoot Gem Maker / 1set

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Cabochon polisher : Pixie Gem Maker / 1 set
THE PIXIE has the same six-wheel sequence of diamond grinding and polishing wheels as the larger Gem-Makers, and provides you with a fast, efficient way to shape and polish stones. The Pixie is a great favorite of those who specialize in cutting opal.
The Pixie features a durable, molded housing of G.E. Noryl® that makes the machine the most lightweight, compact and efficient 4" wheel, grinding and polishing machine available. It weighs less than 30 lbs. including the lamp, and fits on a Formica baseboard that measures only 141/2" x 18". It requires no special hook-ups or plumbing, so it can easily be used in your RV or wherever space is limited and a standard 115V outlet is available.

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Polishing attachment : Canvas pad / 1 pc

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Full face diamond lap 6inch /1pc

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Spin on disc / 1pc

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Polishing attachment : Aluminum disc / 1 pc

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Expanding drum / 1pc

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Galaxy and Nova wheel for Lapidary Grinding & Polishing / 1 pc

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    Galaxy and Nova wheel for Lapidary Carving / 1 pc

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    Diamond wheel ( plastic frame ) / 1 pc

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    Dopping Wax - green / 1set ( 450 - 470gram )
    Dopping wax is a shellac base wax which will melt at a low temperature, yet has a great holding ability.
    1 set (4pcs)

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    Dop Station ( Dop Buddy ) for dopping wax / 1pc
    A thermostatically-controlled ceramic heater for melting and keeping your dop wax at the perfect temperature along with built in storage for all your tools!

    Key Features
    • Handy storage for dop sticks, wax, and other tools.
    • Lighted switch for convenient and safe operation.
    • Wide bezel on warming pot for pre-heating stones.
    • Use for melting waxes for dopping cabochons (with green wax) or faceting rough (with black wax)
    • Pre-heat stones on the wide bezel for better adhesion (Note: some temperature resistant stones should be warmed with care.)

    Specifications: 115V / 60Hz

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    Horizontal Lap machine ( horizontal cabber ) / 1 unit
    Slant Lap machine ( slant cabber ) / 1 unit

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    The Lortone Rotary Tumbler / 1 set
    The Lortone tumbler is a perfect rock tumbler for the beginner. It is easy-to-use, inexpensive, and very durable. The metal frame, maintenance-free motor and heavy-duty rubber barrel will operate reliably through years of regular use.
    The Model 3A has a single rubber barrel (33B has twin barrels). Two pounds of agate, jasper or other quartz-type rock will fill the barrel to the recommended operating capacity. The soft rubber barrel tumbles your stones with a minimum amount of noise - about as much noise as vigorously shaking a carton of orange juice that is about 1/2 full.
    The tumbler is supplied with an instruction book that will guide you through tumbling your first batch of rock and teach you how to take care of the machine.
    *Tumbling grit, polish and rough rock are sold separately.

  • 110 volt
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    Mini-Sonic Vibratory Rock Tumbler / 1pc
    Mini-Sonic Vibratory Rock Tumbler is arguably the best all-round tumbler on the market when considering performance, easy operation and long-lasting and trouble-free service. Bigger capacity than the smaller KG-1 model with a 4 pound load capacity (about 1.75 kilograms).
    These types of machines have a unique tumbling action which is both fast and gentle - faster than a rotary tumbler but very gentle so that items can be polished without changing the shape.
    Mini-Sonic Vibratory Rock Tumbler operates with any moving parts (shafts, belts, pulleys, eccentric weights or drive motors) so that service life is far longer than other types of tumblers. Electrical power is used to generate more than 3,500 vibrations per minute within the hopper. This model features an electronic controller to adjust the rotation and intensity of the tumbler operation.

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    Vibratory tumbler / 1 unit
    • Removable Heavy Polyethylene Bowl With Lid
    • Heavy duty Ball bearing motor with overload protected.
    • Vibrates at 3000 VPM
      Mass creates a cyclonic effect, moves around the bowl and down into the center.

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