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Wing compass (divider) / 1pc

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Adjustable Creaser ( Groover ) / 1pc

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Adjustable Creaser / 1pc

  • 15.5cm
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    Stitching Groover /1pc

    Just loosen the chuck with your fingers, position the blade and re-tighten. No extra tools needed to adjust the blade. Make a clean groove from 1/16" to 1-1/2" from edge. Blade included.

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    Stitching Groover Replacement Blade / 1pc

    This is a replacement blade for the Stitching Groover
    made of durable metal.

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    Pro Stitching Adjustable Leather Groover Creasing Set /1set

    You can even use it for your leather carvings.

    Simply use the allen key to replace the blade with the creaser or vice-versa. By loosening the bolster you can adjust the spacer arm or remove it altogether.

    Why clutter your work space with excess tools? This versatile tool, with its adjustable and removable spacer arm and blade / creasing edge, allows you to press directly on the cutting / creasing edge giving you less slips and a more consistent groove or crease compared to standard groovers and creasers.

    Made of high quality wood and steel, this outstanding tool will give you years of use.

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    Pro Stitching Groover Replacement Blade / 1pc

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    Adjustable Electric heat creaser : Multi function Power supply / 1unit

    Temperature-controlled electric nen: multifunction power supply / 1 unit
    Electric knives with stepless temperature control.
    The body can be controlled steplessly from 0 to 10, and the temperature of the nene tip can be adjusted freely.
    High-precision circuit technology enables quick and stable temperature maintenance.
    It can be used for various purposes by adding decorative screws, melting wax and edge pigments, adjusting edges, and changing the nene tip.
    The nene tip is characterized by the fact that the coil wound around the root generates heat, so only the nene tip becomes hot and the handle does not get hot.
    The ebony used in the handle has a high-class feeling and durability, and the luster that comes out as it is used with the durability and durability of the top class in wood is attractive.

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    Leather craft Heat tools : Hand piece for Heater / 1pc

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    Leather craft Heat tools : Creaser head ( Standard size ) / 1 pc

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    Leather craft Heat tools : Other function head / 1 pc

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    Leather craft Heat tools : Creaser head ( mini size ) / 1 pc

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    Stitching wheel ( Stitching roulette ) - made in Taiwan / 1pc

    One handle, 3 interchangeable spacing/overstitch wheels and a small screwdriver make this a handy addition to your tool collection. Wheel sizes are 3.5, 4.5, 5.5mm.

    ID: 10405 Stock: 6 ¥
    Stitching wheel ( Stitching roulette ) - Kyoushin Elle brand / 1pc

    One handle, interchangeable spacing/overstitch wheels and a small screwdriver make this a handy addition to your tool collection.

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    Sewing Palm / 1pc

    Has a dimpled metal insert for pushing needles so your fingers don't get sore.

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    SmartyTool Sewing clamp : Table top / 1 unit

    Smarty stitching Pony, is unlike any other, this unique solid table top stitching pony is made from the finest Mahogany lacquered wood, is designed to be worked on your table top.

    The clamp swivels 360 degrees and can be tightened in any direction with the wooden boss nut that is designed so that thread will not catch on it. The wide arc of the nut also ensures easy tightening and loosening.

    Also located on the side is a powerful magnets that you can rest your needles on when you're not working, reducing the chance of tangled or damaged thread and injury from needles in a convenient, compact package.

    Finally this Smarty pony has four non-slip rubber feet to ensure a good grip to almost any surface.
    This Smarty Pony will last a lifetime
    It measures, 28cm in height, with the jaws being 7cm in width, the throat is 22cm deep. The base is 15cm x 20cm.

    • Material Mahogany wood

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    Sewing clamp : Sewing horse / 1 set

    Holds parts to allow use of both hands when sewing or lacing.
    Base is placed below legs when seated to hold it steady.

    ID: 10721 Stock: 1 ¥
    Stanley MaxSteel Multi-Angle Base Vise #83-069 / 1set

    • Ideal for Craft and Art, model building, and electronics
    • Infinite and lockable positioning achieved with swivel-ball design
    • Easily attached to most work surfaces with integral screw clamp
    • Durable cast-aluminum and steel construction
    • Removable jaw pads protect surfaces from marring and damage

  • Size(apx): 220 x 200 x 86 mm
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