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Multi face combination hammer / 1set

One set consist of several head (interchangeable)

  • Length : 24.5cm, Head size: 1.5cm
  • Small size, easy to use for jewelry works / wire works
  • Head is interchangeable, depends on your purpose
  • Head included :Iron, brass, nylon, plastic

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Double head (metal and nylon) hammer / 1pc

This double head (Nylon and metal hammer) Great for metal working. Has a face that measures approximately 20 mm in diameter. The length of the head measures approximately 45 mm. The hammer measures approximately 163 mm long

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ImpressArt series : Short handle Stamping Hammer / 1pc

  • 1 lb. brass head creates crisp even impressions while prolonging the life of the metal stamp
  • Scaled down ergonomic grip designed for ease of handling & accuracy


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ImpressArt series : Marking (stamp) ImpressArt -Texture Stamper hammer / 1set

This innovative tool creates unique, one of a kind textures using your metal stamps as texture heads. To use, simply insert a ImpressArt 6mm stamp into the head, tighten the handle, and stamp repeatedly. Note the Texture Stamper should not be used when a single, full impression is desired. Includes Sprinkle pattern stamp.

  • Create unique textures using your metal stamps
  • Fits all ImpressArt 6mm stamps
  • Includes Sprinkle design stamp

  • Length: 235mm
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    Nylon Hammer / 1pc

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    Nylon Tipped Forming Hammer - with 9 Faces (tru strikes brand) / 1set

    Nylon tipped forming hammer has an all-metal head with changeable nylon faces that will not mar your metal. The set includes nine nylon peg inserts in a variety of shapes that are easily changed and secured by a set-screw. Perfect for raising, planishing and embossing work. Hammer weight 4 oz with two nylon tips attached. Overall length 9.5 inches

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    Wooden hammer /1pc

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    Rawhide hammer (mallets) / 1pc

    For metalworking, where work must not be marred or injured. Heads made of the finest quality rawhide embedded in shellac, and attached to selected hardwood handles. Made in USA.

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    Smithing Chasing hammer / 1pc

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    Wubbers : Artisan's Mark Texture Hammers /1pc

  • 21.59cm
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    Wubbers : Artisan's Mark Embossing Hammers /1pc

  • 21.59cm
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    Fretz Jewelers hammer / 1pc

    This Fretz Jeweler's hammer is ideal for precise, intricate metal work, and for creating custom bezels and small vessel forms.
    The handle is made of Padauk, known for its strength, stability and beauty, and is oil-finished. Features wedge and heads of stainless tool steel for hardness and endurance. The handle is specially shaped to give you a light touch and a thin neck flexes slightly as you hammer for ultimate comfort.

  • Length: 240mm
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    Standard Chasing hammer / 1pc

    Chasing hammer, has one large, slightly convex, smooth face for striking chasing tools or planishing metal, and one round end for peening and riveting.
    Forge-tempered and polished steel head.

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    Texture hammer /1pc

    You can make your own texture on metal using this texture hammer. Each one is double-sided, with a different design on each side. Simply lay your sheet metal over an anvil or other bench block and strike it sharply. The range of decorative effects is endless. The hammer heads are not hardened, so that as they wear, the more interesting the patterns become. Each hammer is 25cm long

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    Interchangeable Hammer 12 Heads /1set

    Ideal for jewelry-making, this tool combines 12 tools into one! It features a head weight that is heavier than the competition’s tool to provide better striking power. Head inserts are held securely in place during use with threaded collars.
    Six smooth heads for flattening metal:

    • Flat in nylon, stainless steel & brass
    • Domed in nylon, stainless steel & brass

    Six textured stainless steel heads:
    • Wide Circles • Thin Circles
    • Dots • Speckles
    • Stripes • Weave

    Designed for use on non-ferrous metals.

    • 12 oz. Interchangable Hammer, 22mm face dia., 3" wide head, 9.5" overall length
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