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Hamanaka Wool Felt SOLID / 1pc(50g)
  • Material : 100% Merry Wool

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Hamanaka MIX wool felt / 1pc(50g)
  • Material : 100% Merry Wool

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Hamanaka Felting Needle Starter Set / 1set
  • Felting needle regular 2 sets
  • Felting needle holder
  • Felting needle mat
  • Felting needle mat cover
  • Manual book
  • Basic introduction to felting book. (68 pages)

ID: 19970
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Dog and Cat Felt Kit / 1pc
With this kit you will be able to make your very own mini animal in needle felt.
Kits Includes:

  • Wool in all colors needed
  • Eyes
  • Plastic core material
  • Detailed picture instructions
Felting Needle (Id: 13406 or 12604) and Felting Mat (Id: 12606) are not included in the kit.

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Stock: 1 ¥
Felt Puncher ( Needle Felting tool ) - Pen style / 1pc
The Pen Style Needle Felting Tool allows application of small or delicate materials using one, two, or three needles.
Easy replacement of thick and thin needles.

  • 1 Needle
    for delicate work
  • 2 Needles
    for creating lines and outlines
  • 3 Needles
    for a quick finish

ID: 12604
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Felt Puncher ( Needle Felting tool ) / 1pc
This felting tool has 5 barb needles for heavy weight use. The tool has a spring type action which allows the fibers to mesh with the base fabric.
This tool cannot be used with Felting Needle Applique Molds.

ID: 13406
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Felt Puncher Replacement Needle only / 1set ( 5pc )
for Applique Puncher and Felt Puncher.
Note : there are 2 thickness of needle.
58-606 : small ( for general use)
58-607 : thick needle.

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Stock: 5 ¥
Needle Felting Brush Mat / 1pc
The brush-like mat enables smooth punching with little resistance, and allows the fibers to meshed with the base fabric. The mat bristle length provides the ideal hardness and density for felting.

  • Package Size : 140×185×48mm
  • ID: 12606 Stock: 2 ¥
    Needle Felting Claw & Mat Cleaner /1pc
    3 in one assisting tool! This new tool provides protection from injury by securing the materials as the felting process takes place. The Claw helps keep small pieces in place while felting and it also acts as a blending tool for mixing wool roving colors. The Mat Cleaner works as a brush to remove wool from the Felting Needle Mat.

  • Size : 155 mm
  • ID: 12605 Stock: 4 ¥