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Clover Pins /1set

--Silk Pins--
Perfect pins for appliqué work since they are only 0.5mm x 36mm long. With it's small size, the appliqué pin is the best way to place your appliqué pieces to fabrics. It's fine point doesn't damage your fabrics. suitable for thin fabrics.
Head is made of iron proof glass.
100 pins/case.
Size: 0.5 x 36 mm.

--Patchwork Pins--
Extra fine cloth type with sharp needle tips. The head is also made of glass that is safe for the heat of the iron.
100 pins/case.
Size: 0.4 x 36 mm.

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Clover Cube Pins /1set

  • Material Stainless steel.
  • One set (one box) contains 4 colors
  • Color head pin :
    Size 0.55 x 34mm Red blue yellow green total 80pcs
  • Pearl head pin :
    Size 0.55 x 34mm Red White blue yellow total 64pcs

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CLOVER Head Pins / 1set

  • Applique Pins 57-409
    3/4" pins great for small applique work.
    Comes in a handy reclosable case. Measurement: 0.6mmx3/4"(20mm) 150 pins in a case.
  • Quilting Pins (Fine) 57-327
    Pins smoothly pass through fabric, as the pin tips are thin and sharp.
    Long size pins are perfectly suited for quilting.
    Head is made of iron proof glass. 100 pins/case. Size: 0.50 x 48 mm.

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Clover : Fork pin / 1set(50pcs)

Ironing is also smooth with a fork type pin where the needle shaft is bent.
With two needles firmly fix thick thick areas.

  • 45mm
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    Clover Flower Head Pins /1set

    You can choose properly according to the fabric. Since the front and back of the needle head are light and dark, it is easy to understand for darker fabrics and thinner fabrics.
    For knitting, secure thick knitted fabric to the ironing board firmly.
    A large head that is difficult to come off from the knitted fabric and a long pointed needle tip are suitable for fixing the knitted fabric.

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