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DecoArt Americana Decor Chalky Finish / 1pc
Americana® Decor™ Chalky Finish paint is an ultra-matte chalk paint that requires no priming or sanding before using. The color palette includes 29 intermixable colors carefully selected with home decor trends in mind. Perfect for any size project, from small, decorative flea market frames to large buffets found at an estate sale. Ultra-matte, chalky finish requires no priming or prep and adheres to even the slickest surfaces. Easier to distress than other acrylic paints. One-coat coverage with most colors on most surfaces.

  • size: 4fl oz (118ml)
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    DecoArt Americana Decor Creme Waxes / 1pc
    Fast-drying and low odor waxes that provide a custom look and protective finish for furniture and other home decor pieces. Waxes bring a hand-rubbed luster to pieces, with a streak-free finish that can be buffed to a brilliant sheen.

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    DecoArt Americana Decor Varnishes / 1pc
    Fast-drying and low odor Varnishes that provide a custom look and protective finish for furniture and other home decor pieces. Varnishes are available in a variety of finishes to provide a non-yellowing, durable finish to any project.

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    Americana DuraClear Varnish
    Brush-on, non-yellowing, polyurethane varnishes that form a tough, flexible, clear finish that dries quickly. Can be used on most hard craft surfaces, both interior and exterior. Available in matte,and gloss, in 2 oz sizes. Shake well before applying with a large, flat brush.

    Protects surfaces from chemicals and resists water stains or rings
    Brush strokes won't show
    No smelly fumes
    Clean up with soap and water.

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    Turner natural Milk paint ( water based ) / 1 bottle
    • This is Milk paint , made by Turner Japan.
      Made from the same raw material for Morinaga milk (Milk producer in Japan).
    • These colours dry to a beautiful matte finish that does not destroy the texture of the wood. Multiple coats will build a longer lasting and more opaque film By adding water, a transparent stain effect can be attained.

  • Size: 200ml
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    Turner Iron Paint (water based)/ 200ml
    This metallic paint from Turner gives amazing metallic appearance with realistic texture of metallic layer. It contains cellulose fiber for the purposes of giving realistic metal surfaces. Good for interior object or exterior paint.

  • Size: 200ml
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    Exterior paint : Turner aging art color /1pc

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    Viva Decor: Inka Gold / 1pc

  • ] 62.5 gram (2.2 oz )
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    Prima Marketing Art wax /1pc

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    Gilders paste metallic wax / 1pc
    • Gilders paste is a mixture of wax, resin and and high concentrations of pigments, for resistance to water and common chemical reagents with enhanced tint retention and hiding ability for coloring and highlighting interior and exterior applications.
    • Use Gilders Paste On:
      • Metal -- Wrought Iron, Steel, Aluminum, Alloys etc…
      • Wood -- Moldings, Railings, Furniture, Guilding Restoration, Picture Frames, Miter Joints etc…
      • Ceramics -- Planters, Terra Cotta etc…
      • Resin -- Castings, Plastic etc…
      • Wax -- Candles etc…
    • Easy to apply Gilders :
      • With finger, sponge, toothbrush, paintbrush or cloth in a rubbing motion or use other creative mediums to produce a unique finish.
      • Layered on top of one another or mixed to create different finishes or an endless color palette.
      • Thin out with paint thinner to transform the highly concentrated Gilders Paste for brushing, sponging, staining, washing or spray painting.
    • Drying time varies depending on substrate and surface preparation, approximately 60 minutes to the touch on dry debris free surfaces and 12 hours for complete cure time. If polishing or burnishing is required allow 12 hours drying time.
    • Polishing the metallic Gilders Pastes with a soft cloth will produce a gilded finish substituting gold, silver, bronze leaf; nonmetallic pastes will be shiny. If left unpolished the finish will be semi gloss or mat depending on the color.
    • Size 30ml (1.5 oz )

  • ] ]
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    Monalisa metal leaf adhesive / 1pc
    • Monalisa metal Leaf adhesive is an outstanding product that can not only be used for metal leaf but with other materials such as sand and glitter.
    • Water based, slow drying and will stay tacky for up to 24 hours after application.
    • Packing : 2oz. bottle

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    Martha Stewart High Gloss Acrylic Craft Paint /1pc
    High-performance, patented, premium acrylic paint is specially formulated for use on all surfaces. Its highly pigmented color provides superior coverage - perfect for all craft and hobby painting techniques, including brush painting and detailing, sponging, stenciling, stamping, and printing. UV and weather-resistant for indoor and outdoor use. Self-priming for use on porous and non- porous surfaces. Dishwasher-safe on glass. Non-toxic. Waterbased. Made in the USA. High Gloss paints give vibrant, high shine color.

  • size: 2fl oz (59ml)
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    Martha Stewart Chalkboard Acrylic Craft Paint /1pc
    Create a chalkboard writing surface on wood, terra cotta, and virtually any paintable surface. Apply 2-3 coats to project surface, allowing it to dry between coats. Condition with chalk, and it's ready for messaging. Waterbased.

  • size: 6fl oz (177ml)
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    Turner Chalkboard Paint
    We recommend the painting to a smooth surface.
    It does not adhere to polyethylene, polypropylene, polyolefin, nylon
    and rubber.
    It is not suitable for fabrics, etc.
    May be discolored and washable with wet cloth.

  • Size 170 ml
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    Bees Wax for Woodworking from Mitsuro
    This is a beeswax cream made with only domestic beeswax, camellia oil, domestic rapeseed oil, linseed oil, Hiba oil.
    Does not contain any organic solvents and synthetic resin emulsifier. To protect the wood products (such as the floor, table counter furniture), it gives a smooth natural gloss.
    Easy to wet, very stretch well, in reputation and easy to paint, it has been
    also reduced oxidation odor by Hiba oil.

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    Turner : Antique Wax / 1 pc
    Feature wax :
    A Gentle safe wax made from natural materials.
    The main raw material is natural beeswax.
    Made with normal paraffin with less odor and low toxic. It is safe and reliable.
    Protects the surface of wood and colouring at the same time.
    There is no unpleasant smell, convenient to use.
    It is thick paste that can be easily used with a cloth or sponge.
    Can be used without stain of other paint.
    Excellent spreading wax with nice finishing touches.
    There is no colour transfer or stickiness after painting.
    Dry after 15-30 minutes(can be repeated for 3-4 times for darker color)
    Available in 8 different color.

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    Vintage Wax /160g

  • 160g
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    Foam (Sponge) Brush set / 1set
    Use this flexible foam brush to apply acrylic finishes to artwork, or to wet paper for watercolor or acrylic painting, or applying stain on Leather, fabric etc
    Only the Set is sold in 3 sizes (1,2,3 inch) = 25, 50, 76mm
    Note — Not for use with shellac or lacquer.

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    Japanese Angled Craft Brush
    This high quality, Japanese brush is perfect for dyeing, lacquering or painting your leathercraft, paper or other craft materials.
    General purpose brush assembled from high quality materials with fine, soft bristles made from goats hair and synthetic fiber, this brush will make even and smooth brush strokes every time. Environmentally friendly and ergonomically angled, this brush allows for easy use and will offer many years of excellent service.
    Dyeing brush excellent for oil based dye, and less usefull for water-based dye.
    Available in 3 size : 30 mm, 50 mm, and 70 mm

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