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Needle DMC brand : 1764 Beading Needles / 1pack(4pc)

DMC Beading Needles are 2” – 2.25 ” long made of premium grade nickel plated steel. Needles are available in an assortment of sizes ranging from 10 to 12. Four beading needles come in every package.

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Flex needle (0.23mm) / 1pc

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Flex needle (0.28mm) / 1pc

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Needle : Flex needle Collapsible / 1pc

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Needle : Big eye beading needle / 1pc

  • (OD:0.58 mm (.022 in))
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    Needles : Sharp needle & Beading Needle / 1pack

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    Spin & String needle / 1set

    Before you begin...
    Make sure you are working on a level surface.
    Measure your thread to be 10 inches longer than the length of seed beads that you need.

    1.Thread your needle and either knot the end, or leave it attached to the spool of thread. To avoid getting your thread tanled, tuck the short end between piles of the longer end.
    2.Pour beads into the cup, filing it about half way.
    3.Rotate the center spindle counter-clockwise with your left hand (not too fast or your beads may fly out). The beads will gravitate toward the outer wall of the cup.
    4.Hold the needle in your right hand and place the curved end horizontally into the beads near (but not touching) the outer wall of the right side of the cup. The beads will load onto the needle very rapidly.
    5.Once you have a couple of inches of beads on the needle, carefully lift up the curved end and the then push thebeads down onto the thread. Repeat the whole process of spinning and stringing until you've reached the desired length of beads.
    If you have difficulty, try experimenting with different needle positions and spinning directions to find a combination that is most comfortable and effective for you.

  • 5pcs set
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    Sbeady Wire Needle Assorted Sizes 4 piece / 1set

    An easy way to string beads onto wire - use the Beadalon Sbeady Wire Needle! The Sbeady Wire Needle comes in four sizes that correspond to Beadalon wire sizes. So easy to use, just slip the wire into the end of the needle using the half-open portion to guide the wire into the hollow needle. Push the wire all the way in, and you’re ready to string!

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