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3D Bracelet Jig / 1pc

Create bangle bracelets, cuff bracelets, and curved components using the Artistic Wire 3D Bracelet Jig! Design perfectly round, continuous, all-in-one bracelets in 3 dimensions using wire, stones, and beads with this unique jig - even make curved design components for bracelets and earrings. Includes one Round Jig base with evenly spaced rows and columns of holes and 20 Removable Pegs & 20 Peg Fasteners. Plan your design by inserting each peg into the outside of the jig and secure it by attaching the fastener from the inside. Then, wrap your wire to create your design. Remove the design by pulling the pegs off the jig and slide the design off. The design capabilities are virtually limitless! Creates a 2.75 in (6.9 cm) diameter design that fits most wrists. You can also stretch your designs slightly to make a larger or smaller diameter if desired.

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Initial Accesories B series Bracelet B2 / 1pc

  • Material : real Leather
  • Size : width 6mm

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Stock: 130 ¥
Initial Accessories D series, Bracelet strap

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Bracelet wire 0.5x1.2mm, Flat Plated Steel 12 coils (Memory wire) / 1pack

This smooth, flat memory wire shines like a mirror, and illuminates designs strung with transparent large hole beads. Wire wrap beads to the flat surface for a unique, floating design. Available in Ring, Large Bracelet and Necklace sizes in Silver Plated and Gold Color. Cut using memory wire shears.
Approx.Coil Diameter: 6.9cm
Approx.Coil Per Pack: 12

  • 0.35oz(9.92gram)
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    Bracelet wire 1.6mm chrome plated /1pc

    You can open the end by turning the ball, and slide in any beads you want.
    Diameter of wire 1.6mm, and diameter of the bracelet approx 7cm

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    Stock: 82 ¥
    Brass Bracelet core #11-A / 1pc

    • Material : Brass

  • Size: 12mm, 19mm, 25mm, 38mm
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    Metal blank for bracelet making

  • PO-51CB-011D1
    Bracelet core #11-D / 1pc

    Made from Lead-safe brass, and easily bends to accommodate different wrist sizes.
    You can easily attach beads on the pre-drilled holes.

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    Metal Bracelet core / 1pc

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    Metal Cabochon setting Bracelet / 1pc

    size: 45mm

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    Metal Brass for Leather & Clay Bangle / 1pc

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    Bracelet mesh type, Rhodium plated / 1pc

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    ImpressArt Bracelet Bangle Bender tool / 1pc

  • Size: 182x31x25mm
  • ID: 15401 Stock: 0
    ImpressArt series : Marking (stamp) ImpressArt -Texture Stamper hammer / 1set

    This innovative tool creates unique, one of a kind textures using your metal stamps as texture heads. To use, simply insert a ImpressArt 6mm stamp into the head, tighten the handle, and stamp repeatedly. Note the Texture Stamper should not be used when a single, full impression is desired. Includes Sprinkle pattern stamp.

    • Create unique textures using your metal stamps
    • Fits all ImpressArt 6mm stamps
    • Includes Sprinkle design stamp

  • Length: 235mm
  • ID: 18745 Stock: 8 ¥
    ParaCord ( Parachute Cord ) Bracelet Maker / 1set

    Measure once, cut once. Simplify bracelet production time by making consistently sized bands. If you're knotting bracelets for trade, the Ezzzy-Jig™ can be your guide to making bracelets the same size, every time. The EZzzy-Jig™ works best with buckle closures. Pre-mounted 15mm and 12mm buckles are included. Buckles can be swapped out with a different size by unscrewing the plastic mounts with a Phillips head screwdriver (not included).

  • Size: 250 x 55 mm
  • ID: 15288 Stock: 1 ¥
    Expressions® Loom Design Studio DIY Rubber Band Bracelet Kit / 1set

    Now you can design and make your very own rubber band bracelets! Kit includes a travel loom for on-the-go-craftine, 1,000 latex-free rubber bands in lots of colors, 25 clasps, hook pick and instructions.

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    Stock: 2 ¥
    Wonder Loom Bracelet Making Kit /1set

    ID: 19896 SALE 50%
    Stock: 8 ¥
    FunLoom Rubber Band Bracelet Kit /1set

    Simply the best loom available for making rubber band bracelets and other fun stuff!

    • 4 rows of pins so you can create more designs.
    • Easier to use with wider spacing, smooth edges, wider head to better hold the rubber bands.
    • Larger hook tool to hold more bands and keep them from slipping off the tool.
    • Designed so you can attach as many FunLooms together as you wish to make longer and wider designs.

    It's it the best loom available!
    Comes with:
    • 1 FunLoom
    • 1 FunLoom Hook Tool
    • 300 FunLoom Bands
    • Super C-Clips

    ID: 19897 Stock: 4 ¥
    Wrapit Bracelet Loom / 1set

    Popular wrap bracelet, is fun and easy to make knitting machine without using a needle.
    Bracelet of your own original design can make.

    ID: 21751 Stock: 4 ¥
    Bracelet and Ring Making Pliers / 1pc

    Double Cylinder Bracelet Pliers have two different sized cylinders which are used to quickly put large radius curves into flat metal stock. Result can easily be resized on mandrel if desired. Perfect for making mens' and womens' bracelets.
    Length: 165mm

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    Stock: 5 ¥
    Bracelet and Ring Making Pliers (NEW version) / 1pc

    Put a clean, consistent radius curve into flat metal stock with our 3/4" (19mm) and 1-3/8" (35mm) Miland Channel Ring Maker pliers. Can easily be resized on a mandrel. Engraving or designs can be added to flat stock before forming with the worry of marring the metal when forming.

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    Stock: 1 ¥
    Anticlastic & Synclastic Pliers / 1pc

    • Anticlastic pliers
      Anticlastic pliers are similar to synclastic but produce a curve in opposite ways in two directions (saddle-shaped). Produces a fine, finished product in a fraction of the time without having to use a dapping tool. Total length: 8".
    • Synclastic pliers
      Synclastic pliers put a curve toward the same side in all directions. Create a bracelet in minutes, not hours. Also makes rings, bangles and is indispensable in doing jewelry repair. Length 8".

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    Stock: 6 ¥
    Nylon Jaw, Bracelet Bending Pliers ( ImpressArt series ) / 1pc

    Bracelet Bending pliers easily shape metal strips into bracelets.
    The nylon jaws shape the metal without leaving any nicks or dents.

    • Length: 6"(150mm)
    • Jaw width: 15/16"(24mm)
    • Stainless steel
    • Soft textured handles for comfortable, secure grip
    • Drop forged and heat treated
    • For bending metal strips up to 1" wide

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    Stock: 3 ¥