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Ecozai : Art Resin Non toxic super Clear resin / 1set

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    Ice Resin : Crystal clear / 1set
    Material : Clear Epoxy resin
    Non-toxic ICE Resin® two-part formula dries and stays crystal clear, never yellowing or breaking down. The versatile and easy-to-use jeweler's grade formula can be used with bezels, creating a clear dome as it covers and magnifies the image inside it. Mix the resin with sand, grass, sticks, paper and metal objects. Create freestanding projects or use a mold to make dimensional pieces.
    The package includes Part A Resin (4oz), Part B Hardener (4oz), stir sticks, measuring cups and instructions. Dries in approximately 6-12 hours in 72-degree temperatures. Neat and easy clean-up.

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