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Miter box - Cutting guide box (plastic ) / 1 pc

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Slide Tools ( for Olfa Cutter L) / 1pc

You can put your Olfa L cutter inside and cut your paper, fabric or leather safely.
length : 1000mm

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Precision Miter Saw Guide (basic model) / 1set

With this basic model of the Miter Cut Guide, one can precisely cut 90 degree, and 45 degree angles for miter joints. It is designed to be used with saws with blade thicknesses between 0.4 mm and 0.6 mm. It adapts equally well for right- and left-handed people, as one simply mounts the guide assembly on the appropriate end of the base plate.
This miter guide is delivered include a saw, an allen wrench for assembly and two guide fences, one for normal work and a second for longer cuts.

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Square Cut Guide / 1pc

The most difficult part of cutting wood to length with a circular or jig saw, is accurately aligning the saw blade to our pencil mark. Unlike a standard square, the Square Cut Guide allowing you to instantly align your saw blade to the pencil mark and make perfect 90-Degree cuts, time after time.
No-slip rubber feet and a little gentle pressure hold the Square Cut Guide in place. Made of durable, impact resistant aluminium. Perfect for any brand of circular saw or jig saw.
Supports work pieces up to 150mm wide
Low-profile design won't interfere with saw
Weight: 250 gr

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