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Stainless Erasing Shield / 1pc
Made of high quality polished flexible stainless steel with precision tooled openings for accurate erasing techniques. Ideal for design, drafting and various technical drawing projects.
material: made of stainless spring steel

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Tracing light box ( Treviewer ) / 1 unit
Size A4 B4 A3
Brightness (lux) 1300-3400 1300-3400 1200-3300
Panel size ( mm) 210 x 297 257 x 364 267 x 420
Thickness 8 mm 8 mm 8 mm
Power consumption 5 watt 6 watt 7 watt
Weight 950 gram 1300 gram 1700 gram
Power Power AC100V-240V DC12 Volt 1 A
Made in Built in Japan

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Tracing light box ( Sanwa ) / 1 unit
Size A4 B4 A3
Brightness (lux) 1100 x 2300
Panel size ( mm) 229 x 322 x 300 x 420
Thickness 5 mm x 8 mm
Power consumption 5 watt x 7 watt
Weight 620 gram x 1300 gram
Power Power AC100V-240V DC12 Volt 1 A
Made in Made by Japan company in China

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Tracing light box ( Comic Master ) / 1 unit
Size A4 B4 A3
Brightness (lux) 2700 x 2000
Panel size ( mm) 225 x 320 x 320 x 440
Thickness 19 mm x 19 mm
Power consumption 6 watt x 7 watt
Weight 1100 gram x 2400 gram
Power Power AC100V-240V DC12 Volt 1 A
Made in Built in Japan

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Wood Object Doll (wood Manikin) / 1pc
This is a staple in any artist's collection. The model is used for study of the human body and the basic shapes in its design help artists to capture all the correct scale and shadows for their drawings and artwork!
Triangular Scales ruler / 1pc
Change units quickly and easily by rotating dial at either end of scale—no need to move the scale from the work surface.
15 cm1/50·1/100·1/200·1/250·1/5001/300
30 cm1/100·1/200·1/250·1/5001/300·1/600

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Ring Ruler ( 360 Degree Circular Ruler ) /1pc
The Ring Ruler™ is the first size-adjustable, circular ruler. It has been designed to make the drawing and measuring of circles and arcs a much simpler and more efficient experience by eliminating the cumbersome pivot-point system. Not only is the natural feel of expanding and contracting a circular ruler more ergonomic than using a needle compass, it is also quicker, safer and provides more the useful circular metrics of diameter and circumference (arc length).
One of the best features of the Ring Ruler™ is its simplicity. This makes it a great learning tool for children– especially ones too young to handle a circle compass.
  • Measure diameter, arc length, circumference and degrees
  • Snap in to lock circle
  • Size up to 15cm diameter
  • Available in US Standard and Metric Scales

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Truflex flexible curve ruler / 1pc
Easily-shaped lead core construction firmly holds any curve for accurate drawings. Graduated in both inch and metric. Inch graduations are color-coded black while metric graduations are color-coded red for quick identification. Convenient inking edges for pen and marker use.
Calibrated designing ruler - use for quilting patterns, applique patterns, dressmaking, etc.

  • Size: 24inch (60cm)
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