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Embroidery Hoop / 1pc
Embroidery Hoop consist of 2 hoops (inner and outer hoop), the hoop has a screw cover that keeps thread from wrapping around the screw. Lightweight and easy to use.
Perfect for embroidery stitching and traditional embroidery.

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Embroidery Hoop Stand / 1pc
For hands free stitching with embroidery stitching tool.
Holds Clover embroidery hoops

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Embroidery Turnable Hoop / 1set
  • This is a 18cm (7") Turnable Hoop. It turns a complete 360 Deg. Includes a table mount for hands free operation of hoop.
  • Can be used for all kinds of embroidery projects such as bead work or cross stitching. Offers flexibility and can be turned over to tie off threads for finishing or to ensure stitches stay in place.
  • Can be attached to any worktable, leaving both hands free. The inner hoop grips the fabric firmly keeping fabric tight and secure.
  • This product is recommended for use with Art No. 9900 "Kantan Couture" Bead Embroidery Tool.

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Embroidery & Quilting hoop ( Wood Economy type) / 1pc

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Embroidery & Quilting hoop ( Plastic ) / 1pc
Molded plastic hoop is preferred by some stitchers for its soft surface and tight grip. Features the Super Grip Lip that always keeps your project securely in place.

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Q-Snap Frames /1set
Q-Snap frames have four half-pipes that snap over your fabric and the tubed frame. They are incredibly lightwieght, hold fabrics nice and tight, and best of all: the round tube won't crimp your fabric. Originally designed for quilters, they now offer hand-held sizes for embroidery and cross-stitch.

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Embroidery Ratchet Frame / 1set
Easy to use, no more tacking or taping, no more wing nuts or knobs. A lot more stitching comfort.
The unique rachets allow your fabric to scroll back and forth effortlessly. Perfect for needlepoint, cross stitch and embroidery.

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Clover Embroidery Stitching Tool / 1set
You can enjoy easy hand stitching with the use of Clover Embroidery Stitching Tool. The tool includes a 3-ply needle refill and a needle threader.

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Clover free stitching needle Replacement needle only / 1pc
Single Ply Needle Refill for Embroidery free Stitching needle tool.(id 12951)

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Beads Couture needle / 1set
The old art of Embroidery using a fine hook on a fine cloth tightly stretched in a frame is reborn with this tool. Basic techniques can create beautiful motifs using sequins and beads.

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