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Olfa cutter : #204B P Cutter S / 1pc

Heavy-duty plastic/laminate cutter designed as a scoring tool for sheet plastics and laminates, allowing for the precise breaking of plastics. Features a ratchet-wheel for secure blade extension and retraction, and unlimited blade positioning. Includes 1 reversable tungsten steel blade inserted PLUS 2 replacement blades in the handle. For right- and left-handed use. Guaranteed Forever.

  • Refill : XB13

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Olfa Cutter : #210B (SK-10) Safety Wrap cutter / 1 pc

  • Stretch wrap cutter designed to securely cut shrink-wraps, plastic straps and cushioning materials. Accessories tape slitter cuts packaging tape.
  • Insert the beak-shaped guide for a “scoop-cut” to cut down shrink-wraps! This cutter is designed to avoid unintended cuts. Acetone and impact resistant handle. One reversible single-edged carbon-tool-steel-made blade safely provides 4 cutting points, superior durability and sharpness. No extra tools required to replace blades.
  • Uses : Cutting shrink-wraps, plastic straps and cushioning materials.
  • Refill: XB210

  • Int code : SK-10
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    Olfa Cutter : #238B Safety Wrap cutter / 1 pc

    • Note : this one is NO refill ( disposable )

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    Olfa cutter : #107B (HOK-1) / 1pc

    Heavy duty hook cutter, carbon tool steel blade.
    Perfect for cutting shrink wrap and nylon straps.
    Refill Blades: XB107 Large hook blade

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    KDS: Twist L-Hook ( Hera Hook ) / 1pc

    Hook it ! Slices through materials without damaging the surface. Use it for flooring and roofing, to cut strapping and boxes. Supplied with 1 hook Blade from Solingen, Germany.

  • Package size:210x90x27mm
  • ID: 20615 Stock: 1 ¥