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NT dresser ( sanding plate ) / 1pc

This sanding system consists of handles in several different shapes, that cut with replaceable abrasive metal plates. These sharpening files are extremely comfortable and handy to use. The sanding surface of the metal plates has a long service life, and cut very well over that life.
These sanding files are very versatile in application. They are suitable, for example, for smoothing plastics, leather, and are also very good for finishing wood surfaces. The round forms are particularly suitable for finishing grooves and contours by in wood and plastic.

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Wood burnisher for Edge Leather craft ( Smarty Tool ) / 1 SET.

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Wood burnisher for Drill press / 1 pc

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Nylon Edge Slicker / 1pc

This is a nylon slicker for edging and slicking any edge, by dampening with water first or with Gum Tragacanth and rub them down with this edge slicker for a smooth, professional edge.

Be sure to bevel edges first with edge beveler. This 53mm diameter nylon tool, gives leather a smooth and finished edges.

For a quicker application, it is adaptable to an electric drill. the center hole inside is approx. 4mm

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Nylon Bone folder / 1pc

Functions as a small creaser, large creaser, folder, edge burnisher, and slicking stick. 6" x 3/4". Head is removable when used as a slicking stick.

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Multi Size Cone Wood Slicker ( Beech wood ) / 1 pc

You need this tool for burnishing your projects. This tool is ideal for those small curved areas that are often hard to reach. You have four width choices and a long handle to make your burnishing easier. Either end of the tool can be used for `pushing out' leather when doing carving with embossing.

  • Material : Beech wood (imported)

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SET slicker and Burnisher tool / 1 set

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Glass burnisher for Leather Craft / 1pc

This glass plate is functional as leather slicker and burnisher for smoothing leather.
Simply case your leather normally and then drag the glass across the grain side of the leather. This action will compress the leather grain, thus providing for better cuts and for better uniform coverage of dyes and finishes. Also used by bookbinders to help form and crease their leather.
Dimension : 12 cm x 9 cm x 0.8 cm

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